iCloud.com leaves beta with updated Notes and Reminders apps

When Apple first released iCloud, it was only available on Apple devices and not on the web. After a few months they released a web app with iCloud.com and it was in beta.

Now that iOS 6 is going to available for download soon, they’ve removed the beta tag and the service is now public.


The service now features Notes and Reminders which have been added to OS X Mountain Lion, along with update to Find My iPhone – which has remote lock, remote wipe and play sound features.

Also, you will see notifications synced via Notification center on iOS 5 (or later) and OS X 10.8.

The webapp is really neat in design, it will feel more like a native app instead. They should probably add iMessage to the list of apps, allowing you to send messages right from the website.

Getting your iCloud account hacked can be really nasty as the hacker can wipe out everything that’s there on each of your Apple devices, remember the story of Mat Honan?

You can setup an iCloud account with your existing Apple account via your iPhone/iPad or Mac’s settings.

Link: iCloud