Who exactly should buy an iPhone 5?

Now that the excitement over the new iPhone 5 has probably settled, it is time to wonder about the most important question. Should you get yourself an iPhone 5?

Smartphones often get a new incremental model every year, but not everyone buys a new phone every year. I personally average one every 2.5 years. I spoke to some iPhone fans and critics alike and came up with a short analysis on who should actually go ahead and buy one.

Who should Buy the iPhone 5:

Current iPhone owners

iPhone 5 has a bigger screen and a much faster processor. The specs are great but it is not exactly a path breaking update from its previous version iPhone 4S.

Non iPhone owners

This one is a bit tricky, as a lot of Android phones have really caught up with iPhones. Android’s Jelly Bean (4.1) OS version is often cited as more advanced that iOS 6 from Apple.

Who should Not Buy the iPhone 5:

Current iPhone owners

Non iPhone Owners

I personally thought that the magic is missing from iPhone 5, compared to it’s previous versions. I found iPhone 5 a great phone but not exactly a compelling device. So you will have to decide for yourself and see if you find the phone and its apps ecosystem very compelling. Buying a smartphone takes a lot of money, so make sure you buy something that you do not regret later.

Disclaimer: I am an Android phone owner and have never owned an iPhone.

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