Devil is Mac Boy Now!

devil with macbook pro.jpg

Yep… I got Apple MacBook Pro 15″ today and spent whole day playing with it. I am still playing and this is my first post from macbook pro. ;-)

I will resume normal blogging from tomorrow and with macbook I guess I will be blogging more now… After all blogging is the primary reason I switched to a laptop!

As of now I am setting this machine to be my next blogging studio. Thanks to Darren’s post I got best blogging tools for mac at one place. In fact I am writing this from Ecto – a desktop blogging client. This seems nice except one prob – its not free! :-(

Anyway all mac lovers can expect more about mac from me soon… ;-)

Thanks Dad for this wonderful gift… :-)

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  • TechPavan


    • Rahul Bansal

      Thanks Buddy! :-)

  • Johnson

    Congs Buddy !!!

    Hope My DAD gets Inspired by ur dad soon !!

    • Rahul Bansal

      Thanks Bro!
      Best of luck for your MAC… :-)

  • Jerry

    Hey! this is great news…congrats :D

    • Rahul Bansal

      Thanks Bro! :-)

  • tony

    i am planning of buying another laptop this Christmas,
    i am confused between mac and pc,

    first thing is that i have to buy on my own( i cant take money from my dad,,,lol)

    and the macbook pro are really costly,and i love mac book
    but are they really good?!!!
    any recomdatn bro,,

    • Rahul Bansal

      If you can go for mac don’t think about it twice!
      I am loving mac more now. It turn out to be way above my expectation.
      I will also write few post about my mac experience soon… :-)

  • Srinivas

    No posts on mac till date..??