Blogathon March 2013: Two Day Blogging Workshop in Mumbai

Are you a blogger who has recently started out? Are you looking to get introduced to basics of WordPress, including buying your own domain and hosting your own blog? Then you might like to check out Blogathon 2013. It will take place in Mumbai on 2-3 March, 2013. What is Blogathon all about? Blogathon describes […]

5 Rules to Follow Before You Monetize a Blog

There are many professional bloggers in the world. By professional, I mean someone who blogs for a living. Bloggers and their blogs might have their individual stories, but the common thread among most of them is that most bloggers start causally. I have often interacted with new bloggers who write to me, asking me for […]

India Site Clinic 2012 – Register Your Site and Get Free Advice From Google!

Whenever someone starts blogging there comes a time when they come across the term ‘SEO’. Search engine optimization best practices actually end up changing with every site. It all really boils down to the nature of the website and also the type of content on it. If you are a blogger, I am sure you […]