Facebook Allows Users to Promote their Personal Posts


Facebook has seen decent success with promoted posts or Ads. It was a great way for Facebook Page owners to get their brands better visibility and to reach a bigger audience.

Facebook now allows you to promote personal posts.

Quick Tips on Promoting personal posts

  • When you update your Facebook account with a post, an option to promote it shows up.
  • Just note that the promotion option is available only for 6 hours after the post was originally posted.
  • The payment options are Paypal, Credit Cards, Mobile phones, Western Union Quickpay.
  • A promoted post shows up as a “Sponsored Story” to friends. The way Facebook ensures it gets enough publicity is by bumping it up in your friend’s news feed.

The Pricing Model for promoted posts

The price set for promoted posts seems to vary between regions. As this post in Knowledge Hub suggests that the price might vary on the geographic location the user promoting the post is from.

That seems a markedly different approach from other advertising platforms which charge based on the geographic location and size of the targeted audience.

I am not sure how popular this service will be, as I think usually people do not like promoting their personal posts.

What are your views on promoting you personal posts on Facebook? Do drop in your comments.

Author: Aditya Kane

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  • I think that this will definately boost the business of facebook as it was earlierly earning via pages now it will even earn from posts.

  • When it comes to Posting in Pages I’m sure this service would make sense, but as you have said promoting someone’s personal post is not that likely to happen. In my opinion its better to go for Facebook ads over Post promotion even thought they can be little cheaper.

  • i think user don’t have to promote their post…….this is not so impressive from facebook