Google+ overtakes Twitter: What does it mean for Facebook?

According to GlobalWebIndex, Google+ has overtaken Twitter as the second most active social network. It is being used by about 25% slightly ahead of Twitter. Interestingly, Facebook has a commanding lead with garnering the attention of over 50% users. Google+ is very closely linked to all products offered by Google. That means when you sign […]

Facebook to Rollout External Advertising Network Similar to Google AdSense

Facebook will soon be rolling out a an external advertising network according to GigaOm. Facebook primary source of revenues are Ads it displays on its own website. The Ads seen on Facebook by users are considered to be not as effective as say Google’s AdSense or AdWords. Another issue for Facebook is that it is […]

Obama Victory Underlines Why Google+ is a Dead Place

A social network is a bit like a virtual party. People interact and discuss things mainly around current events. That is why Live sporting events like the Olympics are followed very actively on social media websites. Today, when the US President Barack Obama got re-elected, he (probably his campaign team) showed exactly why Facebook and […]

Switch Idea – Find Jobs Using Your Social Media Accounts

I am sure most people reading this post have a profile on some sort of social media websites. LinkedIn is very popular with professionals but how about leveraging other social profiles like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ in your job hunt. I recently came across a interesting website called Switch Idea. The website mainly acts as […]