Firefox 5 Beta: Mozilla is Showing Some Urgency

Firefox 4 was released only a few months ago. Firefox 4 took an eternity in development and in my opinion it was probably 6 months too late. Six months in the tech world is a lot of time. When it comes to browsers the growth of Firefox was being thwarted thanks to Chrome churning out newer updates so often, that they stopped announcing them.

Firefox Beta Features


Firefox is finally waking up to faster updates!

When I started writing on this blog, way back in late 2009, there was talk of how Firefox 4 will change things. It’s final version was released in 2011 March. That was just too much time for a new version.

Chrome managed to keep gaining momentum and other than some specific add-ons, a lot of people do not find any reason to continue with Firefox when compared to Chrome.

With faster updates, it will probably push the developer community around Firefox browser into activity which might lead to better momentum.

What are your views on Firefox’s future? Do drop in your comments.

Link: Download Firefox 5 Beta

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