Poke on Facebook is a notification now

‘Facebook pokes’, not a very popular feature but still people use it specially after Facebook started banning users to send friend request to strangers and even people you know personally. You can simply poke the other person if you cannot send them a request or message but there should be at least one mutual friend […]

Important – Major Changes to rtBlogs Network

Hi All, You might have noticed a major downtime today for Devils Workshop as well as other blogs in rtBlogs network. We were pushing a major update where we merged all blogs in rtBlogs WordPress multisite inside rtCamp’s WordPress multisite. The goal was to centralize our user’s login info so that they can easily contribute to […]

Facebook introduces new ‘Smart’ Friends Lists

Facebook is doing a major change in its present feature of Friend Lists, currently an unpopular feature which is used by very few Facebook users only. The reason why Friend Lists feature is not used my many users is just because its quite boring and time consuming to create a list and update it. So […]

Twitter Enables Email Notification of Mentions and Retweets!

Twitter has started rolling out a new notification feature. The notification feature allows notifying users through an email about retweets and when ever someone mentions their username in a tweet. Twitter had earlier announced it was rolling now the new notification feature in a tweet. How Email Notification will work! For power users, such notifications will be […]