Use Gmail from Chrome Omnibar (Address Bar) with OmniMail

Omnimail_logoGmail is my favourite email service. At work we use Google Apps account for managing our emails, while I have another Gmail account as my personal account.

I often while reading something, get ideas and end up sending an email about it to friends and colleagues. If you use Chrome and Gmail, using OmniMail extension will allow using Gmail from the Omnibar or Address bar of the browser.

Features of OmniMail for Gmail


  • Just type in “mail [email protected]” where the email is of the person you are sending it to. This has to be typed into the address bar. It will open a new tab with compose options with the email address already entered.
  • As Omnimail works with your Gmail account, it ends up looking up your contact list. So if you type in the name of your contacts, chances are it will prompt you with the correct email address to choose from.
  • OmniMail can also be deactivated from the address bar itself.

If you are someone like me, who sends out a lot of emails, this OmniMail extension will be very useful. Do try it out the extension and drop in your comments.

Link: OmniMail

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