How to hide your Facebook updates with some friends: Restricted list

With Facebook’s recently launched smart and friends list feature, you can now categorize people in different ways depending upon how close are they. But with these two lists, Facebook also launched a new restricted list which is a good way to hide your updates from people you don’t know much or hiding from friends you met online.

You can easily add someone to restricted list but by default this list is empty. To access your ‘Restricted’ list go to this page to see all of your lists and click ‘Restricted’. After that on the right sidebar you will see a space to enter your friends name whom you wish to add to this list. Select your friends from there. You can also click on ‘Manage List’ on the top right side of page and click on Add/Remove people.









Once added in your Restricted list, your friend won’t be able to see updates from your profile unless and until that update is public. It’s a good way to keep few people away from your private content without unfriending or blocking them. Facebook is changing lot’s of things in it’s design and the good thing is that most of the changes are good and important. :)

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