Facebook introduces new ‘Smart’ Friends Lists

Facebook is doing a major change in its present feature of Friend Lists, currently an unpopular feature which is used by very few Facebook users only. The reason why Friend Lists feature is not used my many users is just because its quite boring and time consuming to create a list and update it. So Facebook finally unveiled automated lists which will add people to some ‘Smart Lists’ according to their Workplace, School, City e.t.c. so that you can see ‘News Feed’ updates from a particular group of friends or list only.

Smart Lists: Automatically created lists that includes different group of people sorted according to Work, Family, School and City. This feature is just like Circles in Google+. Facebook will automatically add people to smart lists however you can anytime manually add or remove a friend from a particular list. Facebook will suggest you to add people to Smart Lists so that you can easily update these lists and make them more accurate.

Close Friends and Acquaintances Lists: Close friends list is a list where you can add your best friends or family members so that you can see updates only from them only. You will also receive a notification when someone from Close Friends list posts an update or a photo. Acquaintances list on the other hand is for those people who are not much close to you like old classmates or strangers you met online. Add them to this list to see only important updates from them hiding other daily status and photo updates.

With these lists, you can also share an update with a particular list only so that friends in other lists cannot see it. What do you think about these new lists? Seems useful or not? Drop a comment below and tell us your views.



Karshala Milan September 20, 2011


But what’s the Benefit of this option … ?

Aditya Kane September 20, 2011

@Karshala: A major benefit would be to follow updates from people with this auto-lists in a more organized manner and also share things based on these auto-lists.

Karshala Milan September 20, 2011

you are Right Mr. Aditya Kane but what about Security….

Aditya Kane September 20, 2011

Making custom lists (which are still available) was already a feature of Facebook – Hence I do not think the new smart lists which do the same thing essentially could pose privacy or security risks. You can also choose not to use these lists while sharing things on Facebook. 🙂

Hamid Ahmed October 17, 2011

Say that you are interested to contact people to launch business or service in certain are and you are planning to attract attention of your friends in specific are , wouldn`t that help your business ?

Hamid Ahmed October 17, 2011

this is a very usefull feature and will be of great interest to all users