Microsoft Unveils New Office Suite With Focus on Cloud

One of the biggest selling software for Microsoft is the Office Suite. Some analysts claim it makes them as much revenues as Windows does. With the combination of Office tools and Windows OS, Microsoft has had a pretty strong hold over the PC market in the past two decades.

The New Microsoft Office suite was unveiled by Microsoft today. It will launch the Office 2013 suite along with Office 365 Subscription options integrated with SkyDrive to keep its current customers, who might be increasingly looking at Google Apps as an option.

Microsoft Office 2013

New Microsoft Office Features

The Office 2013 versions of Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook will be well appreciated but how Microsoft leverages the Office 365 subscription services will be interesting.

This is where it will have to attract small businesses and home users who are more prone to move away to the cheaper Google Apps.

It is also unclear if Office will show up on other platforms like iOS. Despite the excitement around Microsoft’s Surface tablets, I doubt they will sell in their millions anytime soon. iPad will still remain the leader here and it won’t be a bad idea to have Microsoft release a version for iPad users who might be using Office on their desktops.

You can get a preview of the new Office tools from Microsoft at the link below. Do drop in your comments

**Link: **Microsoft Office Preivew

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