Facebook Scores Lowest in User Satisfaction: Google+ Scores Highest

According to The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ASCI) Facebook users are most unhappy with their service in the social media industry. On the other hand their biggest competitors Google+ score highest from their users.

Facebook has 61% of its users satisfied with the service in 2012. That number has dropped by 5% from 2011. Google+ in far ahead with 78% of it’s users satisfied.

Social Media Customer Satisfaction

Credit: ASCI Report

Why Facebook scores low?

The fact that Facebook users are dissatisfied in growing numbers with the social network is not surprising. I use Facebook because a lot of my friends are on it and not because I find the experience enjoyable.

I use an Android phone and the Facebook app on Android is absolutely poor. I cannot even share someone else’s post through it. I cannot delete a comment on a post I share either.

Facebook messages is stuck between trying to be a chat and email service. Unfortunately it does not do great on both fronts.

Finally, last year Facebook rolled out their Timeline layout. This shows posts shared in two columns along with a ticker that continuously shows other peoples updates in real-time.

The two columns do not render images as well as the previous layout did. The ticker cannot be turned off either.

Facebook is still used by millions everyday but increasingly its only advantage seems to be its vast number of users rather than interesting and useful features.

Do you use Facebook? Are you happy with it as a service? Do drop in your comments.