Most Awaited Games of 2009

games 2009 has been a great year for gamers as famous and amazing games likeGTA 4, Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box, etc have released and have taken over our minds. So here I am going to share a list of “Most Anticipated Games Of 2009”.

1. Resident Evil 5


This is one major franchise that was reborn with its latest offering Resident Evil 5. After the success of Resident Evil 5, our expectations for Resident Evil 5 have risen. RE 5 has all those things which were missed in RE4 Co-op gameplay and some new features.

2. God Of War 3

The God of War is ready and is looking better than ever before. God of War 3 is the fourth game in the series and the first one to be presented in full HD. The game will follow Kratos as he wages a massive war against others gods. And, as seen in the previous games, we don’t expect anything/anyone to survive. The PS3’s secret weapon will be the last game in the series (such is the rumor), so we guess Kratos plans to go down with a bang. There is very little info about the game, but we do know that its going to make other action adventure games weep like three-year-olds.

3. Ninja Blade


Ninja Gaiden the series may be dead but there is a new Ninja ready to claim the mantle. The latest ninja adventure is called Ninja Blade and promises to deliver the most cinematic adventure yet. The demo showcased some cool moves and was fairly impressive. However, we await the full game, which looks promising.

4. Godfather 2


Most movie buffs find The Godfather II better than the first part; I am one of them. I’m sure EA will hope for a similar trend for their latest game in the Godfather series, simply titled The Godfather 2. The game is mix of action and strategy, giving gamers absolute control of his men, while acting like a real mafia don. The new concept called Don’s Eye View will enable gamers to keep a track of the city and its activities and then take appropriate action. Sounds cool? Let’s wait for the full game and see it in action.

5. Prototype


This is yet another sandbox game that revolves around superpowers but the game’s lead character Alex isn’t a hero. In fact he is a shape-shifting, memory-stealing mutant! Alex can consume the physical features and memories of his victims, he can pick up and throw cars with ease, as well as jump really high. These superhuman abilities look really cool in the gameplay videos, how well the developers have incorporated them in gameplay is something we have to wait and see.

Note: Few of these games have released, but these were among the list of most awaited games of 2009.

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