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TorrentTorrents. What was the first thing that came into your mind? Illegal? Warez? Axxo? The torrent system was meant to share large files without using up too much bandwidth. However downloading a torrent is not a piece of cake for the novice user. Seeds, peers, leechers all could be overwhelming. Enter btaccel – torrent downloading made easy and fast.

So whats so good about btaccel?

Earlier downloading a torrent file meant downloading a torrent download client (like bittorrent or µTorrent). Then after searching the torrent file, you download it to your PC and feed it into the client. Then you wait for people to seed (or share) it with you. Personally, this was very frustrating for me. And add to that the slow internet connections that we get in India!


btaccel eliminates the process of downloading the torrent from the torrent sites and through the torrent client softwares. Instead the the good people at btaccel download the file for you, host it on their servers and give you direct download links, which remain live for 72 hours since its creation.

How’s it different from normal torrent downloading procedure?

Well first of all, it eliminated the tedious and often confusing task of downloading torrents via clients such as bittorrent etc. btaccel downloads the torrents to their servers and gives download links of their servers to you. That means you don’t have to depend on the number or quality of seeds and peers. (or curse the leechers 😀 )


  • Free. Yup unbelievably this service (which is currently in alpha) is free as of the time of posting this article.
  • Fast downloads of torrents. No more depending on seeds or torrent clients.
  • E-mail alert when torrent file is ready for download.


  • Well, as mentioned before, the download links are live only for 72 hours since it has been created. But hey, 3 days should be more than enough to download any movie or album.

As the service is currently in alpha, registrations are currently based on invite code. You could use the invite code provided at or request a invite code from btaccel, here.

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