NetMeter – Free Bandwidth Manager To Keep Track of Internet Usage! [Windows Download]

imageOne of our reader, Pranav wanted a tool to keep track of his Internet usage. Many broadband Internet users have monthly data transfer limit so such tools help them not to get over-billed at the end of month.

After lots of search and testing few, we found NetMeter to work best for all kind of users. Not to mention separately its free and no registration is needed. Just download and install.

For the first time you need to setup few thing like your data-transfer limit, notification settings, etc. Actually it has too many options to confuse a home user but its really worth using. Still for your help I will show minimum important setting you need to configure before using NetMeter.


 # Setting Traffic Limit

This is only thing you need to do to get started. On starting, NetMeter sits in system-tray. To see NetMeter options as shown below, right-click on NetMeter icon in system tray select options from context-menu. Then go to Notifications tab.

Only things you need to change are reach(es) and during current fields. Both highlighted in screenshot below. Its better to set limits less than actual limits so that you can get notified before crossing data transfer limits!

Net Meter - Options


 # Checking your actual usage and projected usage

From same NetMeter context menu mentioned above select Totals option. You will see following details.

Net Meter - Tools & Reports

Also check projected tab for more info!

Link Summary: NetMeter Home | Download Page (Alternate Link)

Update: Alternate download link for NetMeter added as follow-up to Adis comment.

18 Replies to “NetMeter – Free Bandwidth Manager To Keep Track of Internet Usage! [Windows Download]”

  1. I have been using this netmeter for more than a year now, and trust me, it has saved me from eating away excess extra bandwidth every month!

    1. @Praveen
      Nice to see your positive comment about NetMeter as I got too many options to choose from.
      Anyway I personally may not use this as I have unlimited plan! πŸ˜‰

  2. cant download from net meter download page;dl=0 tried opera browser and tried internet download manager both saying unknown file size and saying cant open ….net meter home page asking for sign up…. so i found but this seems something different and its not free either… then i found where giving download link …. now off to download ! byeeeeeeee

    1. @Adi
      I guess you finally got NetMeter by now.
      I don’t remember having any trouble myself while downloading NetMeter but still will add softpedia link to avoid further problem.

  3. yesssssssss i got netmeter ! (oops! forgot which link worked for me lol) and i recommanded this FREEWARE to few of my friends tooo ! i liked projected and monthly log feature of this software πŸ™‚
    i envy u that u got unlimited plan πŸ™‚ poor adi got HARSH data limit which is not sufficient for me πŸ™ grrrrr,,,anyways thanks to opera with hidden image option but stil i feel like in golden cage… golden cage of broadband with tiny data limit πŸ™

    1. @mickalotz
      Projection means estimated use.
      If your projection has gone to 600 mb then that is your estimated data transfer.

  4. thanks that’s the estimation of how much megabites i have used out of my 4 gig? now what’s the difference between current data transfer and the projection data transfer?

    1. @mickalotz
      Current data transfer = Data actually transferred till today.
      Projection = Estimated data transfer by the end of month.

  5. Previously I was using Net Limiter for this purpose. But it was having a lots of limitations. So, I hope this is going to work like a charm for me. Thanks for sharing.

  6. No ISP in Orissa is providing unlimited download schemes except BSNL. But BSNL speed sucks here. It takes an hour to download a 25MB file. So, with limited bandwidth, we have to use such tools.

  7. I am trying to download the free net monitoring meter. After use i will submit my comments.

  8. Thanks a lot. Your Net Meter’s just great! That’s the second time for me to install it. I had to delete many documents on my computer and your Net Meter was lost. Searched the network but couldn’t find a good net counter, until I finally found your site on my favorites list.
    Thanks again and good luck.

  9. hello guyzzz…nice to see u geeks commenting…
    plzz help me..
    i have a 1gb day plan…1000 to 2200…[50pc/mb after that]
    and *unlimited* plan from 2200 to 0600…*[10gb limit]*
    which i usually dont exceed…
    plzz advice me a software and how should i use it..just in brief..
    some options are networkx or netmeter..?
    m fed up of paying 1500 every month…:-[

  10. Hi, I am looking for a tool that would tell me how much bandwidth is used by each websites visited. I noticed a huge increase in my monthly usage in report from my ISP (from about 3GB per month to 20 GB) and would like to know what causes it. Maybe kids found a new game or site that drains my limits and all I have right now is daily total.

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