NetMeter – Free Bandwidth Manager To Keep Track of Internet Usage! [Windows Download]

imageOne of our reader, Pranav wanted a tool to keep track of his Internet usage. Many broadband Internet users have monthly data transfer limit so such tools help them not to get over-billed at the end of month.

After lots of search and testing few, we found NetMeter to work best for all kind of users. Not to mention separately its free and no registration is needed. Just download and install.

For the first time you need to setup few thing like your data-transfer limit, notification settings, etc. Actually it has too many options to confuse a home user but its really worth using. Still for your help I will show minimum important setting you need to configure before using NetMeter.


 # Setting Traffic Limit

This is only thing you need to do to get started. On starting, NetMeter sits in system-tray. To see NetMeter options as shown below, right-click on NetMeter icon in system tray select options **from context-menu. Then go to **Notifications tab.

Only things you need to change are reach(es) and *during current *fields. Both highlighted in screenshot below. Its better to set limits less than actual limits so that you can get notified before crossing data transfer limits!

Net Meter - Options


 # Checking your actual usage and projected usage

From same NetMeter context menu mentioned above select Totals option. You will see following details.

Net Meter - Tools & Reports

Also check **projected **tab for more info!

**Link Summary: **NetMeter Home | Download Page (Alternate Link)

Update: Alternate download link for NetMeter added as follow-up to Adis comment.

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