Use popular mobile to-do planner AnyDO on web

One thing that AnyDo ( gets right is that it simplifies planning your day. Any.DO did something rare, which was start from Android and then move to iOS. The simply idea of creating these to-do lists was ability to allot tasks and organize them according to time sensitive folders like Today, Tomorrow, Someday etc or even type sensitive folders like Work, Home etc.

It has a nice Chrome extension that works well with Gmail tasks on the browser. But one thing missing was the option of using it on the web. A couple of days ago AnyDo has finally made a web app available.

AnyDO web app
Using through its website

The style and format of the web app for Any.Do remains more or less consistent with the mobile apps.

Personally I have always liked Any.Do for its simplicity. But that is just a first impression. It has a lot of small tweaks that can help you plan your week and day. It also has a Cal app on the phone, though that does not seem to have a web app as yet. I have used Any.Do but tended not to use it as much as I could not use it just on a website. So this new feature will probably have using it more than before.

Try out the new app at and see for yourself.

Link: AnyDo apps


Swarm for Android and iOS is here, Brings Neighborhoods, Swarm Planning

A few weeks back Foursquare announced that the company is splitting it’s service in two – Swarm for check-ins, Foursquare for discovering new places. And now, Swarm for Android and iOS is here.

Taking a first look at Swarm, I should say that Foursquare has worked really good at keeping this app simple and more focused on what is to be done – check-ins, rather than putting everything together like in the previous Foursquare app. The Foursquare app is still the same for now. But, in the near future, Foursquare will be working on making Foursquare app more focused on discovering places and will remove check-ins option soon.

Getting back to Swarm, you get to login with Facebook, Foursquare or sign up with your email ID. Once you are in, you will be introduced to ‘Neighborhoods’ and ‘Swarm Planning’.

Neighborhoods basically displays where your friends are. Unlike Foursquare, Swarm shows the location of your friends even if they haven’t checked in at a place. It scans their location signals and beams you their location. Still, Foursquare gives you options to stop this Neighborhood feature to stop beaming your location to your friends.

Neighbourhood shows where your friends are

The next section shows the list of your friends’ check-ins. You can favorite those check-ins or drop in comments.

And, here’s another new feature – Swarm Planning. You can Create a plan and your friends can vote I’m interested or create a discussion right there. A built-in group messaging section makes this possible. This way, you can create plans and discuss with your friends before actually executing them. Planning to go to the movies this weekend? Swarm Planning will help you work out things with your friends.

Make plans and discuss with your friends

And the last section shows notifications to you just like notifications on the previous Foursquare app.

Talking about Mayorships and Badges, they are not available on Swarm. It looks like Foursquare will be retaining those in the Foursquare app and not port those to Swarm.


So, Swarm is an app that looks good only if have lots of friends on Foursquare. If you do not have much friends or live in remote areas, the app is useless. Swarm is all about beaming your friends’ location to you. If you are more into discovering new places, Foursquare app is the one for you.

If you haven’t downloaded Swarm yet, you can get the app at your respective app markets with the links below.

Link : Swarm on Android | Swarm for iOS


Automation app IFTTT releases for Android

IFTTT, short for “If This Then That”, is a great web service for automating tasks between internet services. It’s been a while since it has started and now it’s on Android (and iPhone too).


Most Android users would have heard about Tasker, an app which runs specific tasks based on the context. IFTTT is like Tasker, but for the web.

There’s a lot you can do with the service, most obvious ones are: changing your Twitter picture automatically as your Facebook picture is changed, getting a notification if it’s raining tomorrow, backing up your phone’s contacts to Google spreadsheets etc.


Now that IFTTT is available on Android, you can be even more creative. There are five new channels introduced: Android Device, Location, Phone call, Photos, SMS.

So if you’ve misplaced your phone which is on silent mode, you can increase the ringtone volume by sending an E-mail. This is possible because IFTTT now has permissions to control your Android device.

To get started, check out the most popular recipes in their site.

To enable the Android channels, you have to first install the app on your device. Get it from the link below.

Link: IFTTT for Android


Google Releases Standalone Camera App for Android 4.4+

Today, Google has introduced a new standalone Camera App. This was significantly needed as many Android phones which are not Nexus did not have useful features like “Photosphere”. Overall the camera features even on Nexus were not exactly brilliant.

So a standalone camera app will be very useful for Android users. Even if you are using a Nexus, this there are some added features so it is a good idea to go ahead and update the app or re-install it.

The Google Camera app is only available for Android 4.4+ (KitKat) version for phones and tablets.

Google Standalone Camera Interface

Google Camera App features

  • The prominent feature are Lens Blur and Panorama. Overall the options are a lot easier flip through.
  • I tested the Lens Blur function and was quite impressed with how well it works. Below is an image I took using Lens Blur.
Lens Blur - Google Camera App
Photo taken using Lens Blur – Google Camera App

Now hopefully we will see better cameras on Android phones than what are available now. If you have an Android phone running 4.4 KitKat, then this app would be really useful one.

Link: Standalone Google Camera App


Link Bubble for Android opens links in floating browser in background

Link Bubble is a nifty Android app that makes mobile browsing more easy. When you click a link on any app, Link Bubble automatically loads the page in its floating browser in background, and displays the page once it is fully loaded.

Like the name denotes, Link Bubble is basically a bubble that floats on your Android device screen. It draws inspiration for its interface, from Facebook’s Chat Heads.

Two things that Link Bubble does great : load pages silently in background, save the user from the process of looking at the URL redirects.

Link Bubble

Based on first impressions, the app does a perfect job, but is slow. When I opened a link with Link Bubble’s built-in floating browser, it took 15 seconds to completely load the page. When I opened the same link on my Opera Mini browser, the page loaded in less than 5 seconds.

The bubble transitions could have been better. They lag a bit and don’t have the zippy nature (which Chat Heads have).


The app can help you share a link to other apps. This is achieved with the help of two special bubbles : Left bubble and Right bubble. Drag-and-drop the main bubble to any one of the special bubbles to share the link.

Link Bubble shows even after you come out of the default app. The bubbles disappear only when you drag-and-drop the main bubble at the close bubble available at the bottom of the screen.


You can choose the default app (the app whose links should be intercepted by Link Bubble), special bubbles and the default fallback browser in the settings.

The free app limits to one bubble and one app (the links in this app will open through Link Bubble) while the pro version can opens links in all apps and it supports multiple bubbles.

The pro version costs 4.99$.

Link : Link Bubble on Google Play | Pro version


Fiverr launches native app for Android devices

Fiverr for Android is now available. You can grab it from the Google Play store.

If you didn’t know, Fiverr is a platform for people to buy/sell micro jobs. You can hire people who are willing to do something for $5. Also, you can sell your own services for $5.

Fiverr has been available on the iOS platform since last December. It is the first time it has come to the Android world.

Based on first impressions, the app is beautifully coded. It has a menu section in the left side and there, you’ll find your Inbox, Collections, Sales, Shopping and Notifications.


The app offers options to quickly purchase your favorite Gigs and also notifies you whenever a buyer contacts you or when there is an update to your sale.

It comes with a search box too, to help you find the Gig that you need among the millions that are available.

Sadly, there isn’t an option to create your Gigs. For creating Gigs, you’ll have to visit the Fiverr website on your mobile or desktop browser.

Link: Fiverr for Android


TimePIN for Android changes your lockscreen pin based on current time

TimePIN is nifty Android app that adds better security measures to your phone. It is different from the other lockscreen apps for Android because it changes the password every minute, based on the device time.

Advantages of using TimePIN

Here are few reasons why you should use TimePIN.

  1. A safe, complicated password is generated every minute and you’re the only person who knows that password.
  2. Forget worrying about password stealing eyes that are lurking near you.
  3. Easy and immediate access to device without remembering complicated passwords.

If the time is 09:54, your pin would be 0954. And, when the time is 00:00, your pin is 0000.


You may now wonder that when an attacker gets his hands on your device, he may easily unlock the device with the time being shown on the device. But, that’s not the case.

The app comes with modifiers. Modifiers are a set of rules upon which the pins are generated. There are four modifiers. They are :

  1. Reverse : This modifier reverses your pin. If the time is 12:34, the pin is 4321.
  2. Double : It doubles your pin. If the time is 12:34, the pin is 12341234.
  3. Mirror : It mirrors your pin. If the time is 12:34, the pin is 12344321. If the time is 8:32, the pin is 08322380.
  4. Offset : This modifier generates the pin based on the time and then subtracts that with the offset value set by you. If the time is 12:34 and the offset value is 121, the final pin is 1113 (1234 – 121)

At any time, if multiple pins are enabled, they will be applied based on the order shown in the TimePIN app.

TimePIN is a free app. Only the Reverse modifier is available for free in the app. Other modifiers can be purchased with an in-app purchase priced at $1.99.

Default pin


A default pin can be set in the app during the first launch of the app. If you ever get locked out of your device, simply reboot the device, and once it restarts, enter the default pin to access your device again.

You can change the default pin anytime you want. Also, this default pin is required to access the app every time.

Upcoming features

The developer has mentioned that he has some interesting features coming soon. They include support for encrypted devices, support for pattern passwords, alphanumeric passwords and more modifiers.

The app doesn’t need root access. But upcoming features like support for encrypted devices and pattern passwords may need root access.

Link: TimePIN on Google Play


Telegram messenger – WhatsApp clone with better security options

Telegram messenger is a new instant messaging app. It is a secure, fast and reliable means for instant messaging and is available for Android and iOS devices for now.

Telegram messenger has been designed to look a lot like WhatsApp, but the former has a couple of brilliant features that are limited in latter.

To begin with, this service claims to be faster than any other instant messaging service. It is fast in delivering the messages and offers read reports with check marks, just like WhatsApp. The app claims to run perfect even with the weakest mobile signals.

Telegram Messenger (1)
WhatsApp clone – Telegram

Similar to WhatsApp, your Telegram messenger account is linked to your mobile number, but there is an option to log out of your account when needed. It is free, without ads, and the developers claim that it will remain free forever.

It even has WhatsApp emoticons!


Interesting Telegram features

Privacy – You can create Secret Chats with your friends. If you start a Secret Chat with your friend, your friend will have to accept that invitation.


Once done, your messages won’t be recorded by the Telegram messenger servers. Also, you have an option to make the messages self-destruct in few seconds to minutes. This is a quality privacy feature that many would love to have.

Click the photo of your friend at the top right in the Secret Chat and you can set the the self-destruct message timing in an option available there.

Telegram Messenger (2)

100 members in a group chat – With Telegram messenger, you can make group chats with as much as 100 friends.

WhatsApp offers 50 members in a group limit.


Unlimited storage  You can send media upto 1 GB in-a-go over Telegram messenger. It is said that the app offers unlimited media storage in a cloud storage. This way, you can access your messages and media from several devices!

You can also send files of any format! This way, you can send MP3, PDF and other files that can’t be send on WhatsApp.

Based on the first impressions, the app looked brilliant to me. It’s WhatsApp with better security features.

Link: Telegram messenger website | Telegram on Google Play | Telegram on App Store


Internet Surfing using SMS updates – txtWeb

txtWeb is a ingenious service that links SMS and the internet. You can use SMS’s to get information on anything, get updates on anything and even access your social media accounts!

Think of txtWeb as a gateway to make searches on Google, get the latest sport, celebrities updates, check your train PNR status and do a lot more.

To use txtWeb, you’ll have to send command with the desired query to 9266592665 and you’ll get a SMS back with the response.

For example, if you send ‘@pnralert 4215364712‘, you’ll receive a SMS showing your PNR status. The app also updates you if your status gets updated.

Here is another example. You can search anything on Google or Wikipedia like so : ‘@okgoogle what is the time in Singapore‘ or ‘@wikipedia iPhone‘ and you will receive responses real quick.

txtWeb (1)


txtWeb (2)

To get cricket updates, you can use ‘@cricbuzz‘ or ‘@crinews

Do you use iReff? It’s an app that shows the recharge denominations for Indian mobile phones. iReff-txtWeb SMS app is available too! You can simply send a query with the command ‘@ref‘. For example, sending ‘@ref airtel SMS‘ will respond you with the list of available SMS packs in your circle.


Things to note :

  1. It is a free service but, you’ll be charged national SMS charges based on your mobile network scheme.
  2. It is available only for Airtel, Idea, Tata Docomo and Vodafone users.
  3. You have only 25 requests initially. If you wish to send more requests to txtWeb, you’ll have to answer a few survey-type questions.

txtWeb Android app


There is an Android app for the same. You can use the app both online and offline. Online usage is with 2G/3G data or WiFi connection, while the offline method uses your SMS plan to access the information.

Based on my experience, the user interface is not up to the expectations. But, the app doesn’t fail to deliver the results. It worked fast.

You can favorite services and use them quickly from the app.

Links: txtWeb website | txtWeb Android app


Greenify for Android prolongs your device’s battery and makes it faster

One of the first things I do when I get a new Android is unlock (boot loader) and root it. There are many reasons for why I do it, but the best one is, Greenify.

Especially, if your device is low on RAM and battery goes down quickly, Greenify can help.


Greenify ‘auto-hibernates’ apps which are running in background, making your phone/tablet faster and long laster. Think of it like an alternative to the aggressive task killer apps which destroy your battery.

The latest version of Greenify, i.e. 2.0 – no longer needs root privileges, so it should work on non-rooted devices too. But, users have to manually open Greenify app and Force Quit apps, which is really pointless.

If you’re rooted, Greenify will use root privileges and auto-hibernate apps. If you launch a hibernated app, it will get out of hibernation and you can use it normally.

Just make sure you don’t hibernate Messaging/Alarm apps, because you’ll stop getting push notifications, as background services are killed. There’s a donate version of app which allows push notifications for hibernated apps.

Have your heard about Greenify before? Drop in your comments.

Link: Greenify