Making All Greasemonkey Scripts for Orkut Work Again!

With recent launch of orkut’s country specific sites, all greasemonkey scripts stopped working. The reason is most greasemonkey scripts are domain specific and at the time of writing them, they were coded for url which is now changing to and so on depending on users country.

So all greasemonkey scripts for orkut needs to be changed now to reflect this domain change. Listed below are steps need to be followed by users and developers to make your favorite greasemonkey scripts work again on orkut…

For GreaseMonkey Script Users…

Just go through following steps for each greasemonkey scripts you want to modify…

  1. Open Manage User Scripts option from Tools >> Greasemonkey menu or right-clicking on small greasemonkey logo in bottom-right corner of your firefox.

Greasemonkey - Manage User Scripts.jpg

  1. A wizard will open like below. Then…
  • Click on a script you want to edit from left side menu.
  • Then Click on right-sides included pages list.
  • Then click on Add button.

Greasemonkey Scipt Managing-2.jpg

  1. Clicking on Add button will open a pop-up. Put orkut’s domain name you have in your country their. Ex:* for Indian orkut users. Note /* at the end of domain name. You must not forget it!

Add Orkut Domain To Greasemonkey Scripts.jpg

  1. Just click OK and the script will start working. 🙂

For more detailed greasemonkey tutorial check this post!

For GreaseMonkey Script Developers…

If you are a newbie greasemonkey script developer then you may be wondering about long list of orkut’s country-level domains.

But with one small change in your scripts you can make them work with all orkut sites. Here are the steps…

  1. Open your greasemonkey script is editor.
  2. Go to @include line in ==UserScript== header.
  3. Change http://** to http://*.orkut.*/*

This will make script work with all orkut domains plus few more domain like But rather than listing all countries and making mistake on the way, this way is full-proof. Its also simple as all you need is to replace com in orkut urls with a * (asterisk).

You can do try-catch type nesting around your domain sensitive codes so that they will not clutter javascript error console in firefox. But this part is optional so don’t bother much if I sound like alien… 😉

I guess this answers all questions on the this issue. Sorry for delay in response as I was away from this workshop.

About our greasemonkey scripts go, you can just update them by installing again from respective locations. I have updated all of them and you can find them at one place, thats here! 🙂

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New Orkut Privacy Setting – Block Users from Selected Countries

With recent launch of Orkuts country-specific versions, something new was expected and it turn out to be country-specific privacy setting. You can call it Geo-privacy!

A new option is added on privacy settings page named “my networks” which let you control geographical regions from where people can view your profile or send you friend requests.

orkut - My  Networks Privacy Settings-1.jpg

By default, it is set to county you have mentioned in your profile only. Means if you have changed your country sometime back to Estonia to enjoy Orkut Apps, you may have become unavailable to friends from your country. 😉

No worries you can change this setting to global or any number of networks. But please note that this “my networks” setting is directly linked to “everyone” options you see in other privacy settings as explained below with example taken from official orkut help page.

For example, if you choose the United States and Brazil as the only countries that can access your profile, then selecting ‘everyone’ in your other privacy settings only accounts for orkut users who are in those two countries. This is not ‘everyone’ on orkut, but only ‘everyone’ in your network. Selecting ‘friends of friends’ will also be restricted to ‘friends of friends’ within your network, so a friend of a friend who lives outside of the United States or Brazil won’t be able to see your profile.

One more thing as I mentioned in my Orkut App & Estonia hack post, Orkut restricts now changing country in your profile. An attempt to change country shows warning like below…

orkut - Change Country Warning.jpg

A nice step towards better privacy control by Orkut Team… 🙂

(via: Darnell from Inside Orkut)

Gtalk Chat – New Orkut App! Chat with Google Talk Friends from Orkut!

Arvind created a new apps for orkut user which let you add Gtalk widget on your account so that you can chat with all your Google Talk friends from orkut.

Orkut Gtalk Application.jpg

This application can be found here.

This integration although unofficial strongly prove demand for better gmail chat & orkut integration. I have seen many friends switching to facebook and enjoying their recent chat feature and I hope Orkut will answer back soon with a better integration.

Thanks sauravjit for tip. 🙂

Link: Add Gtalk Orkut App

List of Orkuts Country Specific Sites

Last week, I wrote about Orkut’s Indian version. During the same time Orkut launched many other county-specific versions and below is the list of such orkut’s country domains…

Above list is complied using Darnells blog post and wikipedia country-level domain page. If you find something is missing here, please post a comment. Also post link to your blog/website so that I can give you due credits. 🙂

As of now Orkuts Pakistani version domain is taken for some proxy site as mentioned by Darnell, but Orkut may legally take it back anytime, thanks to protection offered by trademark laws.

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Orkut Officially Launched Custom Themes Now


Long time back I wrote about greasemonkey scripts and userstyle themes for changing orkut background. Over the time as orkut changed many of those themes stopped working, but now orkut officially launched few orkut themes and more will be added soon. One such theme I like is shown at the top. More themes can be seen at orkut plus.

I guess Orkut is rolling this feature to few people at a time. So if you don’t see it then just wait. Even I can’t see it. Darnell also reports the same problem. He also asked a nice question as why don’t orkut create a theme directory where users can create and upload their own theme. I think this is a great suggestion and orkut will surely listen to it.

Once enabled, you can switch between different themes by going to Edit Profile option. Themes are available at this Orkut url.

Thanks sauravjit, for tip and Gaurav for screenshots 🙂

Update: Official Orkut blog post says this themes are currently available for India. But a greasemonkey script is available which can make these themes work for you irrespective of your country. (Read More…) [June 2, 2008]

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Check Indian Version of Orkut…


Just checked Indian version of Orkut. Its URL is as expected.

At first look I didn’t notice anything special. Maybe some features have been added internally.

Few things one can expect are…

There may be more to this but as I am away for a week can’t explore much. If you find anything great in Indian version, feel free to comment.

Thanks Sithin for email notification.


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Away from Devils Workshop [Editorial]

Dear Readers,

You might have noticed that this blog is not updated from last 3 days.

No, I am not dead. I am just too busy with college & company work. This is last week of my 19 years of academic life and 1 year of corporate life.

I will be back in June first week, as full time blogger as well as freelancer. Then I will be posting many exicitng series and also coding few small sevices which you may respond with WOW!

This is to just let you know that I care about you readers and I really hate backlog in answering comments. But thing here are beyond my control so please do not unsubscribe.

Meanwhile, feel free to comment on any topic as I will be answering all comments on regular basis, before hitting the bed every night.

I am going through biggest transition of my life and I hope you will support me as you always did. 🙂

Thanking You, Your Devil…
– Rahul 🙂

Increase Your Fan Count On Orkut! [GreaseMonkey script]

More than a year ago, I wrote a script to increase your fans on orkut. It was exploiting a bug, which over the time got fixed. But thanks to a new GreaseMonkey script, you can surely increase your orkut fan count to some extent, this time fully legally! 😉

This script is based on simple logic: you become fan of everyone on orkut and hopefully some of them will be your fan as well!

The script is for firefox users, and can be downloaded from here. If new are new to GreaseMonkey script, you may like to read this small guide.

Increasing Fan…

After installing this script, go to your friends page. The script will make you fan of all users on that page within a second. Just go on clicking next link so that you visit all friends pages and become fan of all.


If you have, say 1000 friends, then you will have to go through 50 friend pages atleast as a single page shows at the max 20 friends. This means you need to click atleast 49 times next link.

Well do you think I will put you through so much pain? 😉

Just copy-paste following javascript into firefox’s navigation bar and hot enter. It will take you through all 50 pages automatically in a single tab. It also takes a small break in between so that you won’t get noticed by Orkut team. Of-course, you have to install above script, before using following codes…

javascript: var l = 1 ; var s = "" myWindow = l , "_blank"); function rb() {l++; myWindow.location = s + l;}; void setInterval(rb, 2000);

Thats it! Once you done with this script & codes, hope to see rise in number of fans. 🙂

(Credit: By F? via OrkutPlus)

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UrTurn – Get Paid for Using Facebook!

URTURN LOGOUrTurn offers reward points to users based on their activities on social networks like facebook. These reward points have cash value and can be redeemed for prizes like iPhones or sold for cash on the UrTurn marketplace.

Activities includes, as expected, adding UrTurn application to your facebook account, inviting friends to use it. You will also get paid for daily activities like uploading photos, adding new friends, updating status on facebook.

A point-activity chart is shown below….

UrTurn Activity Point Table

Also check list of prizes you can redeem UrTurn points for!

As of now UrTurn is only available for facebook. They will be soon coming on MySpace as a widget. They have no donut for orkut users as of now, but considering recent support for third-party applications on orkut, they will soon arrive their too.

I am yet to figure out the the business model of UrTurn, but real problem will be different. If this app become a hit, there will be many like it, and together they will rise increase spam on social networks.

Link: UrTurn Facebook Application | UrTurn Homepage

(via TechCrunch)

Open Signed Online – Get Symbian Apps Signed for Free [Mobile]

In past, whenever I wrote any post for symbian OS mobiles, I recieved many comments/mails saying that SIS files I referred cannot be installed. The problem was many of them was unsigned. While few people turn-off certificate (signed) verification, rest either don’t know how to do it or need a signed version for some reason.

First how to turn-off sign checking…

Go into menu > tools > settings > applications > app.manager. Turn software installation to all and online certificate check to off.

This may vary little depending on your handset model. But the process is similar. This will allow you to use any app that hasn’t been digitally signed.

Next how to get a symbian app signed online…

There is an Open Signed program, currently in beta, which do signing job for symbian application. Its free but have few limitation and also note the restrictions before using the service.

The service is quite simple to use. Just enter your handsets IMEI number, email address, and upload the unsigned SIS file. You will get it signed.

Thanks Manish for sharing this via a comment.

Link: Open Signed