Orkut Officially Launched Custom Themes Now


Long time back I wrote about greasemonkey scripts and userstyle themes for changing orkut background. Over the time as orkut changed many of those themes stopped working, but now orkut officially launched few orkut themes and more will be added soon. One such theme I like is shown at the top. More themes can be seen at orkut plus.

I guess Orkut is rolling this feature to few people at a time. So if you don’t see it then just wait. Even I can’t see it. Darnell also reports the same problem. He also asked a nice question as why don’t orkut create a theme directory where users can create and upload their own theme. I think this is a great suggestion and orkut will surely listen to it.

Once enabled, you can switch between different themes by going to Edit Profile option. Themes are available at this Orkut url.

Thanks sauravjit, for tip and Gaurav for screenshots šŸ™‚

Update: Official Orkut blog post says this themes are currently available for India. But a greasemonkey script is available which can make these themes work for you irrespective of your country. (Read More…) [June 2, 2008]

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