New Panorama feature makes Firefox 4 the browser to beat

Anyone who does a lot of work online has come across this problem. The problem of managing the several tabs we have open. Mozilla has made Firefox 4 beta version available. It’s first build was nothing much to speak about except it was very fast. Now with the latest updated version of Firefox 4 beta there are two new feature which simply blew my mind away.

Features of Firefox 4 Panorama

New App Tab feature

Download Latest Firefox 4

Download the Latest Firefox 4 by visiting their landing page for Beta version. If you have already an earlier version of Firefox 4 available, update it from accession **Help **and **Check for Updates **on the browser itself.

Video Demo of Panorama feature

Here is a video which explains Panorama Tab feature briefly.

So do you think Firefox 4 will be the browser to beat? I certainly do think so. Do drop in your comments with your views.

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