Firefox 4 beta is here!

A couple of day ago I wrote about Firefox losing out in the long run against Google Chrome when it came to browser market share. This was mainly due to Firefox number stagnating and Chromes doubling in the past 10 months. The one thing that most Firefox users were looking forward to is here. Firefox 4 beta version is out. 🙂

What’s special about Firefox 4 beta?

  • The first thing after I downloaded Firefox 4 was that it was super light and fast. But then I immediately I realized that all the Add-ons were disabled.
  • I tried to check if I could enable all the add-ons and then check Firefox for speed but all Add-ons currently were incompatible with Firefox 4 beta. 🙁
  • That apart I was quite happy with the new look of Firefox 4 which does give that Chrome’s neatness but with a Firefox identity.

Download Firefox 4 and use it. Just be aware the the add-ons are not compatible as of now but should be very soon once developers update their add-ons.

What are your views on Firefox 4? Will it be the best browser from Mozilla Firefox or has it come a little too late in the day? Do drop in your comments.


jagan July 7, 2010

its nice and fast but not as fast as chrome,two times in two days it gave me”not responding” and i looses time and tabs….,but i think final version would be quite stable and awesome..!

Rish July 7, 2010

The new Gecko engine is lightning fast. I’m sure Firefox is surely gonna blow chrome in coming days. Apart from that, there are no maximize, minimize and close buttons in Firefox 4. I don’t know if it’s a UI change that Mozilla has incorporated, but it looks quite awkward while the browser is not fully maximized. Apart from that, I think Firefox now considers every tab as a separate process which is a very good thing that will decrease the chance of loosing all the tabs if one goes wrong. All in all, loved the new Fox!

Technolic July 7, 2010

wow it looks so cool,gonna try out this .

mamun billah bhishk July 7, 2010

Last day i downloaded New beta .i found that seems bit of fast and Outer looks is very impressive.
Another thing i am a hardcore chrome user but sometimes i use Mozila .

sheetal July 8, 2010

According to me the people who were using firefox before will continue using and the ppl who had switched to chrome will surely switch to firefox because of few security flaws in chrome. Also they have a very good add on thing which is really awesome..

Siddharth July 9, 2010

Firefox always Rock.. hope those issues ll be cleared soon ..

venkat July 11, 2010

Web of Trust add-on is still compitable with Firefox 4.0 beta 1