Passwords Are Like Underwear ;-) [Security Tip]

As they say, a picture is worth 1000 words, following will surely highlight importance of passwords… 😉

Passwords Are Like Underwear

(Image Credit: Mohammad Imran’s blog)


Moral of the story – “Passwords Are Like Underwear”

  • Change them often.
  • The longer the better!
  • Be mysterious.
  • Don’t leave yours lying around.


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If you have something funny like above image which can help create awareness on this security issue, please share via comments! 🙂

Author: Rahul Bansal

I am a geek (wordpress), blogger (tech) & entrepreneur (rtCamp)

  • cool tip… now i will never share underwear with any of my friends !! 😉

    • @Johnson
      Lolz… Does that mean you use to do that till now… 😛

  • Yes ofcourse.. this pic is worth looking [:)]

    • @deepak jain
      Glad to know… Geeks like you appreciate this! 🙂