Compare Bing VS Google Search Results: BingItOn

Microsoft has a neat little web tool, that allow users to compare the results between its own Bing search engine and Google. The site is aptly named In other words, its a challenge by Bing to Google. It is suggesting that people are using Google not because it has superior results but because it […]

Bing partners Britannica Encyclopedia to create its own Knowledge Graph

Bing has announced a partnership with Britannica Encyclopedia, to give more relevant information for certain search queries in the search page itself. This means using Bing, I could quickly find out some simple details about certain famous people or even certain things like a plant, animal or place. This sounds a lot like Knowledge Graph […]

Why Google’s Search Results Are Better Than Bing!

I have sometimes wondered if people choose to use Google instead of Bing, just out of habit. I mean what is the big difference in their results. Google has a lot of options and small changes which make it intuitively great. These changes are usually not seen or understood all that well. A great feature […]

Bing Introduces Video Background: Is it a Publicity Stunt!

One of the best innovations from Bing was to have an image as background on its homepage for search. Bing now has gone a bit further and introducedĀ a video that plays in the background of the search homepage. Users from the United States will be able to see this video background for If you […]

Google has lost 10% of its search market share

If Bing and Google were competitive boxers instead of search engines, then Bing would be the underdog and Google the overwhelming favourite to win. But over the last year according to a report by Compete, Google has been given a real counter punch. Google has lost the search market share by an astounding 10%. The […]

Google Accuses Bing of Copying Search Results!

Google has accused Microsoft’s Bing search of copying their search results. The controversy came up thanks to Google’s search feature which offers corrections to wrong spellings of search queries. Google announced that back in the summer of 2010, they found that the search query ‘torsoraphy’ when entered on Google search returned the correct spelling as […]

Do we choose Google over Bing just out of habit? [ Google vs Bing ]

If you are not on Google then you are not on the internet is a statement which is not very far from the truth. We had Yahoo Search, MSN search and then came the underdog called Google which swept all competition with a simple interface and made being geek so cool that everyone wanted to […]