Compare Bing VS Google Search Results: BingItOn

Microsoft has a neat little web tool, that allow users to compare the results between its own Bing search engine and Google. The site is aptly named

In other words, its a challenge by Bing to Google. It is suggesting that people are using Google not because it has superior results but because it more popular.

The point of the website is let users carry out 5 search queries and get results from Bing and Google side by side.

BingItOn: Compare Bing vs Google

Users then select which results page is better among the two. The trick behind it is users are selecting their their preferred search results without the knowledge of it being from Bing or Google.

I have always wondered if we are using Google over Bing just out of habit, but Google atleast to me, seems to give more relevant and current results compared to Bing.


I took the BingItOn face-off and found that Google ended up winning 4 results to 1 for me. But the site does claim that twice the number of users preferred Bing over Google.

I used simple terms like my own name, information on local restaurants, favorite movies, books and musicians.


Is Bing really better than Google?

In my opinion, I have found Google being very useful especially for local queries and also for looking up news. Google might be better with local results in India compared to Bing as compared to the United States or Europe.

Added advantage to Google is that a lot of people who are using it for search are already logged into the Gmail account. This allows Google to tailor results based on search history of that person.

Give BingItOn a try and leave the results in your comments. Also let us know if this will encourage you to use Bing instead of Google?

Link: BingItOn


Bing partners Britannica Encyclopedia to create its own Knowledge Graph

Bing has announced a partnership with Britannica Encyclopedia, to give more relevant information for certain search queries in the search page itself.

This means using Bing, I could quickly find out some simple details about certain famous people or even certain things like a plant, animal or place. This sounds a lot like Knowledge Graph which was introduced by Google few days ago.

I decided to check out what Bing is offering with its tie-up with Encyclopedia Britannica. Below is the search result for a search term and I have highlighted the Britannica entry in the results.

Few things that stand out is that the link is not exactly at the top, which would have been very useful.

I carried out more search queries and found that Wikipedia entries almost always show up above the Britannica ones. It also has a lot less information that Google Knowledge Graph shows as you can see in the image below.

Google shows its Knowledge Graph results more prominently than Bing is showing up Britannica results. I wonder what exactly Bing is trying to do here but fixing these results at the top could be a good start as users are more like to actually look them up.

Interesting to note that Google tends to rely quite a bit on Wikipedia for its Knowledge Graph content while Bing has decided on Britannica. It is well known that Wikipedia was pretty much responsible for the decline of Britannica Encyclopedia’s printed editions.

Do drop in your comments.


Why Google’s Search Results Are Better Than Bing!

I have sometimes wondered if people choose to use Google instead of Bing, just out of habit. I mean what is the big difference in their results. Google has a lot of options and small changes which make it intuitively great. These changes are usually not seen or understood all that well.

A great feature of Google is when we type in search query with a spelling mistake, it auto-corrects the query and shows relevant results. Bing also does that but according to a tip shared by Vineeth GS, it is not doing as good as Google.


The query entered was ‘jquery sldiers” on both search engines. Both correctly offered to search for “jquery sliders” but the results being show is where the difference between Google and Bing is seen.

Google points to a link about jQuery Slider plugins and tutorials while the first link on Bing points to something completely unrelated.


It seems Google has auto-corrected not just the word, but it also auto-corrected it based on the context of the 2nd word in the query.

Bing does try to pull the occasional stunt of being innovating, especially by introducing features like a movie running in the background of it’s search page. This might be cool but adds nothing to getting the best results. While Google has features which are not that obvious but make the user-experience better even without the user realizing it.

Do drop in your comments.

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Bing Introduces Video Background: Is it a Publicity Stunt!

One of the best innovations from Bing was to have an image as background on its homepage for search. Bing now has gone a bit further and introduced a video that plays in the background of the search homepage.

Users from the United States will be able to see this video background for If you are from outside the US, one can change the location to United States and access this video background layout.

It is quite seamless and looks like a nice attractive layout for search compared to the sparse and simple Google homepage.


Is it just a publicity stunt?

Honestly, I do not use Bing except when it catches some sort of publicity with a new feature. This means Bing is not getting users because of better results or better user interface but mainly for something new on its layout.

Google might be sparse in its design with the occasional doodle which is entertaining but it does do something that Bing does not, which is get people using it as a default search engine.

The idea of a search engine is to send people outwards to relevant links and not having them staring at nice background images or videos. This is something Bing should try to go for, rather than get a few more people visiting it once to check a very cool yet quite useless feature.

What are your views? Which search engine do you use? Do drop in your comments.

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Google has lost 10% of its search market share

If Bing and Google were competitive boxers instead of search engines, then Bing would be the underdog and Google the overwhelming favourite to win. But over the last year according to a report by Compete, Google has been given a real counter punch.

Google has lost the search market share by an astounding 10%. The reasons have been primarily a consolidation by Bing powered search engines which now includes Yahoo search.

Why is Google losing share of search market?


The answer is complicated but mainly over 2 years, Google search has been perceived as lacking in innovation. Also previously, people would search for any content on Google, now people tend to use Facebook for discovering new content through friends.

Also Twitter has become increasingly popular medium to keep in touch with current events and news.


This is where people might be flocking away from Google.

Bing is not really a threat…

The obvious point to assume is that if Google falls, Bing rises. That is not necessarily true as Microsoft is still pushing great amount of money into its internet services including search but are not making profits of it.

This means, Google is still the only profitable search engine around and as long as that is happening, Google will still rule the internet.


Bing now displays Results according to Facebook Likes

The Microsoft Bing search engine will soon integrate ‘Facebook Likes‘ more prominently into its search results. Wow.

Bing added Facebook Instant Personalization and began showing Liked results at the bottom of result pages in October. Well, now when you search for something, your friend’s name will appear below the search result.

According to the Bing blog, they will be showing results with Facebook user’s name etc. They said,

You may not see Liked Results on every query, but when it does trigger it’s often a delightful experience. We are hoping that it will make searching on Bing more effortless and enjoyable. We are continuing to work with Facebook to make search more social and relevant.

Look at the image above, you will see the Facebook user’s name who have liked that place or something. What do you think ? Are you excited about this kind of search ? Let me know through your comments. 🙂


Google Accuses Bing of Copying Search Results!

Google has accused Microsoft’s Bing search of copying their search results. The controversy came up thanks to Google’s search feature which offers corrections to wrong spellings of search queries. Google announced that back in the summer of 2010, they found that the search query ‘torsoraphy‘ when entered on Google search returned the correct spelling as ‘tarsorrhaphy‘.

This you can see in the image below.

Now with a screenshot released by Google a similar search on Bing gave no search results until suddenly it gave similar search results but without the correction for the misspelt word.

There are many more same results showing up on Bing and Google, especially for odd and strange queries.

How Bing is copying Google?


Google suspects that Microsoft is using some features of Internet Explorer 8. The browser can send date back to Microsoft via suggested sites features. Also this information could have been mined through the Bing toolbar used by IE 8 users.


This issue is probably very embarrassing for Bing and Google is literally scathing in its post by calling Bing as a cheap imitation!

I always preferred Google over Bing because of its simple way of showing useful information related to the search query. Google vs Bing war will continue for sometime more but I think Google has squarely proven it is far ahead of Bing.

In the end Microsoft would probably be wondering, how could a word like ‘tarsorrhaphy cause so much trouble?

What are you views on Bing and Google? Which one do you prefer? Do drop in your comments.

Source: Google’s Blog


Why social search is not a good idea?

If the tech world was a gangster movie and tech services various capo regimes, then I can actually imagine two Don’s (Bing and Facebook) having a meeting in some darkly lit room. And these Dons decide on joining hands to defeat a common enemy they have. The enemy here would be the all-powerful search engine Google.

Jokes apart, it has happened. The idea of having search results mixing with social network has happened in a big way with Bing joining hands with Facebook. It all seems like a great idea but my point is social search a big deal as it is being made out to be. I mean didn’t we need search engines mainly because we could not rely on our social circle in the first place?

I think social search might be useful for certain things like getting a movie review. As far as checking out a restaurants, shops and services I think ‘local search’ rather than ‘social search’ might be more useful.


Why social search might not be a good idea in the long run

  • The scope of search will be smaller. I think we could always get information from people we know or are in our social circle. Sure with Facebook the social circle is a bit bigger but the reason Search Engines became popular was because people did not want to depend on their circle of friends but rather depend on an automatic system.
  • Social network activity is not taken as seriously by people compared to their online content building activity. Sure bloggers and internet marketing folks are very serious about what they share or ‘like’ on Facebook. Also how does Bing know what is disliked by a user’s social circle? Facebook has no dislike button.
  • Content creation might suffer if people are again depending on their social circle to give them the best results. I mean most bloggers who create content do so because they want to share it with people outside their clique of contacts. I think chances are content will be re-circulated more than being updated. This is not really a good idea.

By now you must have guessed I am not too excited about social search and its possibilities. Yes, Google also is experimenting with Google Me as a social layer across its services. I think a social layer is the right way to go and not going for integration.

Bing is thinking a lot like Microsoft has always. It seems to want to compete with the competition by creating partnerships and not awesome products. I think Facebook and Bing tying up is a lot like that. What do you think? Do drop in your comments and views.


Bing search gets social with Facebook

Starting from today Facebook and Bing are joining hands. Bing will show the searches according to your friend’s likes using the Instant Personalization by Facebook.

If you are searching for people, then the search will be based on the mutual friends you have. Imagine trying to search for a movie name just type the movie and press enter. You will see the movie results along with your friends who like that particular movie. For example you want to have a nice dinner at a good restaurant and you use Bing to search for it. You will get the recommendations according your friend’s likes.

You can also remove this personalization from selecting disable Instant personalization from your privacy section of your Facebook account.

This feature will be rolled out to people in US in the coming week. We wonder when this will be rolled out in India ? I am waiting for it eagerly, so that I can use it and tell you how it is. 😉

Is this new search going to take over Google in any way? Will Google lose its loyal Googlers. 🙂 Share your views through the comments below.


Do we choose Google over Bing just out of habit? [ Google vs Bing ]

If you are not on Google then you are not on the internet is a statement which is not very far from the truth. We had Yahoo Search, MSN search and then came the underdog called Google which swept all competition with a simple interface and made being geek so cool that everyone wanted to “Google” something and felt like a geek if only for a few moments. But lately Google has competition and it goes by the name “Bing”

I always felt I do not use Bing just out of sheer habit of using Google but I thought it would be make an interesting discussion and so yesterday I put a question to some bloggers on my Facebook account which was “Are we using Google instead of Bing just out of habit?”

Most replied “They were habituated to Google” and some did not like Bing Search layout too much. I thought let me conduct some comparative tests by searching for a list of similar things on both Google and Bing and try to come to a conclusion if Bing is as good if not better than Google. 🙂

Do not take the scoring seriously as this is just a snap shot of 3 queries of the billions that these search engines handle everyday but they do make for some interesting insights into the two search engines.


Search results for “Devils Workshop”

Google results

Bing Results

  • I admit that this search query was a little too obvious as I do not think someone will search for Devils Workshop but I decided to check this one out for the basic layout and how search results are presented.
  • Google which we are all so familiar with showed me easy one click access to relative searches like Images, Blogs, Videos on the side. It showed out blog first and then a Wikipedia link which is how Bing showed it.
  • Only issue with Bing was that Google showed up some links from our domain but that was not the case with Bing. 🙁
  • Bing also had two very unrelated links at the top which were sponsored links.

Score: Google 1 : Bing 0


Search results for “Fifa Scores”

Google Results

Bing Results

Fifa World Cup 2010 is currently underway and I wondered if we looked up search results how will both the search engines show up the results.

  • This one was a tie with Bing and Google both showed the latest scores and also the live score of the current match that was happening. 🙂
  • This reinforces my view that if we took design and function out of the question probably Bing gives just as good results as Google.

Score: Google 2 : Bing 1


Search Results for Addresses

Google Results

Bing Results

Other than using search engines for news, software and blogging related info I also use is extensively to look up addresses and here Google wins hands down.

  • Google showed results immediately with a snap shot of Google Maps which was more about the address.
  • Bing Maps is similar to Google Maps but here Bing Maps is not integrated with its search results and that I feel is disappointing. Also the links in Bing show everything except a link to its Maps section which I find strange.

Score: Google 3 : Bing 1


Google is far ahead of Bing at the moment and with Google being the default search engine with Firefox and Chrome which is currently seeing strong growth rates at the expense of Internet Explorer will ensure Google will be used much more. Also Bing just does not have the small details which Google search provides and this might be fixed when Bing is out of beta stage. One feature of Bing I really liked is that with Bing we can create RSS feeds of our search results.

So my question to you is do you use Google over Bing just out of habit or do are there any specific reasons? Do drop in your comments. 🙂