Making All Greasemonkey Scripts for Orkut Work Again!

With recent launch of orkut’s country specific sites, all greasemonkey scripts stopped working. The reason is most greasemonkey scripts are domain specific and at the time of writing them, they were coded for url which is now changing to and so on depending on users country.

So all greasemonkey scripts for orkut needs to be changed now to reflect this domain change. Listed below are steps need to be followed by users and developers to make your favorite greasemonkey scripts work again on orkut…

For GreaseMonkey Script Users…

Just go through following steps for each greasemonkey scripts you want to modify…

  1. Open Manage User Scripts option from Tools >> Greasemonkey menu or right-clicking on small greasemonkey logo in bottom-right corner of your firefox.

Greasemonkey - Manage User Scripts.jpg

  1. A wizard will open like below. Then…
  • Click on a script you want to edit from left side menu.
  • Then Click on right-sides included pages list.
  • Then click on Add button.

Greasemonkey Scipt Managing-2.jpg

  1. Clicking on Add button will open a pop-up. Put orkut’s domain name you have in your country their. Ex:* for Indian orkut users. Note /* at the end of domain name. You must not forget it!

Add Orkut Domain To Greasemonkey Scripts.jpg

  1. Just click OK and the script will start working. πŸ™‚

For more detailed greasemonkey tutorial check this post!

For GreaseMonkey Script Developers…

If you are a newbie greasemonkey script developer then you may be wondering about long list of orkut’s country-level domains.

But with one small change in your scripts you can make them work with all orkut sites. Here are the steps…

  1. Open your greasemonkey script is editor.
  2. Go to @include line in ==UserScript== header.
  3. Change http://** to http://*.orkut.*/*

This will make script work with all orkut domains plus few more domain like But rather than listing all countries and making mistake on the way, this way is full-proof. Its also simple as all you need is to replace com in orkut urls with a * (asterisk).

You can do try-catch type nesting around your domain sensitive codes so that they will not clutter javascript error console in firefox. But this part is optional so don’t bother much if I sound like alien… πŸ˜‰

I guess this answers all questions on the this issue. Sorry for delay in response as I was away from this workshop.

About our greasemonkey scripts go, you can just update them by installing again from respective locations. I have updated all of them and you can find them at one place, thats here! πŸ™‚

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ravindra June 2, 2008

these scripts rock!!!

Rahul Bansal June 3, 2008

Glad to know that you like these scripts… πŸ™‚

shubh July 7, 2008

is greasemonkey compatiable with FIREFOX 3 ??

Rahul Bansal July 8, 2008

yes… πŸ™‚

Naresh July 7, 2008

This script doesn’t work now …..

Debajyoti Das July 16, 2008

In fact there is a much simpler method According to me…

Instead of configuring the scripts..
Simply change the Domain from to .com


This Change takes only 2 sec.

Rahul Bansal July 16, 2008

@Debajyoti Das
Typing * takes less time compared to πŸ˜›
Also this makes your script compatible with all orkut domains.
Plus if you are using proxy then may break your scripts.
What if you want to upload modified script again or share it with your friends! πŸ˜‰

Srinivas June 12, 2009

All scripts made by you are obsolete.. Any idea of updating them….????

Rahul Bansal June 16, 2009

You can upgrade them if you have time and if you know javascript.

nancy September 7, 2009

How to unlock scrapbook in orkut

Chaitanya September 9, 2009

How to increase members in one of my orkut community

prerana September 25, 2009

Nothing is working..can some one please help me out

kavita November 1, 2009

whenever i use scrap all show that scraps are sent to every person but i hv always found that i myself get the scrap which was supposed to be in all other’s scrapbook. so no one gets that scrap.

bhawna November 7, 2009

i have done all d thngs you mentioned above bt the scropt still not working pls guide me..!! πŸ™