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    I wrote this article , Can you Please explain to me the possible faults that i made ” The amazing Kindle wireless device”


    Aditya Kane

    Hi Alaayounes,

    That post was rejected for a a few reasons.

    1. The post was a very wordy article on basically why Kindle wireless device should be used. But it had no real insights on why it is better than other tablets that are around or anything particular about the Kindle.
    2. It was not exactly about a very new device and it lacked listing of some basic specifications too. It also lacked information on availability and price .
    3. It had only small generic image of a tablet.
    4. Finally it also had text based links at the end of the post which we do not allow. You can update your website in the bio.

    You can check our Guidelines and FAQs for further details on why posts are rejected.

    Hope you are okay with the feedback.



    I have written a post ‘Creating a good presentation with Impress’ a week ago. But this post has not been moderated yet. Please reply soon


    Aditya Kane

    Hi Pradeep, I did not see your post in Pending section initially but noticed it yesterday. Make sure you submit a post and not just keep it in drafts.

    Anyways you post needs some clarification on content and formatting. I have send you feedback for both your posts.




    Recently I have done a guest post on your site (
    The title of the post is ”

    Please review the post and let me know when I can found it live on your site.

    My user id is: markojergic

    Awaiting your reply

    Thank you


    Aditya Kane

    @markojergic: Thanks for following up here. The feedback on the post was sent via email to you. If you have not received it as yet, let me know – I will send it again.


    Ajay Verma

    Hi, I added a guest post two days back titled “Why Disruptions Are Still Not The Order Of The Day”. Kindly review and let me know whether a post as such is suitable for your platform or not? Would be much obliged for the same.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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