Buy apps on Google Play with EntroPay’s Virtual Credit Card

Google Play never officially supported debit cards for app purchases, but few debit cards like that of ICICI Bank’s do work. But if you’re like me, you’re left out with a debit card which Play store doesn’t support. This was the case only until I found out EntroPay, which lets you get Virtual Credit cards (VCCs), and guess what, Play store supports them.


Getting an EntroPay card

The process is pretty simple. You head over to EntroPay, fill the sign up form with details that match the one on your credit/debit card (which is just a precaution).

As the account is created, you’ll be asked to recharge your card for the first time, the minimum amount you can deposit is 20$. You can deposit via credit/debit cards or even bank transfer.

EntroPay takes certain amount of money you deposited as fees, which depends on whether you deposited via credit/debit card or bank transfer. For example, if you have deposited via a credit/debit card, 4.95% of the deposited money is taken as fees. Check the Fees page on the site for more information.

After all this gets done, you’ll be granted a virtual credit card, which looks something the screenshot above.

Using EntroPay card on Google Play

After that’s done, you have to go to Google Checkout (which is basically what’s used in Play store) and enter details of the EntroPay VCC.

This is the tricky part, as it asks for address – while denying your actual home address. The solution is to put address of EntroPay’s headquarters which are located in Malta. You can get the address from the contact page on their site.

This is how the address should look (including country, pin code and city):


And you’re almost done.

Next time while you’re buying an app on Play store’s website or the Android app, select the VCC which you just created (you’ll be shown a list of cards available from Google Checkout).

I’ve tried all this personally and can assure that it works.

This is not restricted to Play store, though. It should work for others too, like Skype credits (haven’t given a try for App store).

Your Netsafe Card for Online Shopping

Hdfc Bank Netsafe Card

Many of us have a fear of fraud while using our Credit/Debit Card for online shopping – it may be stored at the merchant website or it may be charged extra, etc.

Most of the merchant sites are still not accepting Debit Cards. You can’t think about online shopping if you are not having any Credit Card and your friend is not interested in giving his/her Credit Card number 😉

Students can’t own a Credit Card, as they are not eligible to have it, then what should  they do for purchasing a domain, for web hosting or buying gadgets at e-bay.

Virtual Credit Cards play a great role in this scenario, as using them is easy and they are safe and secure. Most of the banks are now providing such kind of services. I am using the HDFC NetSafe Card for two years. It is very convenient and safe and till now I didn’t have any problem with it. So I would like to share it with Devils Workshop.

What is a Netsafe Card?

NetSafe is a unique kind of Virtual Credit Card service by HDFC Bank, that offers complete security while shopping on the online merchant sites, without revealing your actual HDFC Bank Credit/Debit Card details.  You can decide the NetSafe Card limit according to your useage, and it can be used one time only at one merchant site.

How Does It Work?

This service is free. The only thing is that you should have an HDFC Credit/Debit Card for it.You can get a Debit Card simply by opening a regular savings account with the HDFC Bank, then register your Credit/Debit Card for NetSafe service on the HDFC Bank website.

You can then generate a NetSafe card and use it for online shopping only. The limit of the card is the amount set by you. The purchase will appear in your statement just like any other transaction. NetSafe card is valid for maximum 48 hours and after which the unutilized amount will be credited back to your Credit/Debit Card account. If you don’t want to use the card, you can cancel it, and the amount will be credited back to you.

HDFC Bank has a very good Video Demo about NetSafe card: Netsafe Demo

Link: HDFC Bank Netsafe Card

Now use any Bank’s ATM for FREE!!! Err…Really?

atm-queueIsn’t it frustrating to be waiting in huge queues to withdraw money from your bank’s ATM? Especially when the ATM of another bank, which is just a few feet away from you, seems almost empty? “Hell! Why didn’t I have an account in that bank,” I so often wonder. The only fact that holds me back from breaking my line and using the other machine is the fear of being charged extra for using the ATM of another bank. My hard earned money after all, why waste it unless absolutely critical?

But thanks to the equitable cooperative initiative by banks, looks like using the ATM of another bank is no more a sorry tale! It was announced by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) last year that starting April 1, 2009, we can access any ATM installed in the country free of charge. While I am still waiting to hear from my bank on this, my friend’s often jokingly ask me -“Could this be an ‘April fool’s day’ prank or something?” God!!! I really hope not. 😀

Read the notice for yourself and find out: RBI Notification

Having said that, I am not sure if everything will be as rosy as it seems right now. I hope I am wrong, but this process seems to have some discrepancies. A couple of days back, a friend of mine told me how he used the ICICI ATM machine to withdraw money using a different ATM card and ended up in soup. Although he got the ATM receipt reflecting the money transaction, the money never actually came out of the ATM machine. It’s been a few days past this incident but the issue still stands unresolved. Well… what can I say? This could have also been the case of a ‘bad day’ for the poor chap!

All said and done, I wonder if any of you have had similar experiences. Have any of you withdrawn money from another bank’s ATM for free (of course I’m not talking about corporate cards in this case)? Do share what you know. I’d love to dig deeper into this!

Link: RBI Notification

Use and Verify Paypal without Credit Card [Legal Method]

paypal_logoThis post will for all Indian residents who regularly use PayPal for sending or receiving money.

For adding funds in your PayPal account & lifting limits you would need a credit card. But as we all know not everyone is interested in having a credit card or some people are ineligible to be issued a credit card. A credit card can only be issued to a person above 18years of age and earning regular income.

First why not use Virtual Credit Card (VCC)…

Many people to use a Virtual Credit Card (VCC). But I don’t recommend it because the purpose of the PayPal verification is to validate your personnel information. Their goal is to verify the information given by you is correct. VCC’s cheat the system and do so in such a way that compromises the entire network. So even if you were able to verify using VCC, there is constant risk that PayPal might detect it and freeze your account. That’s why I don’t recommend using a Virtual Credit Card (VCC).

Use E-wallet by ICICI Bank

E-wallet is a VISA card issued by ICICI bank. It works exactly like a normal credit card and it is accepted on all online stores(including PayPal). It would be issued under your name.  You will also get regular online statements for it.

It is different from a normal debit/credit as:

  1. you won’t get a physical card.
  2. you have to fill it before doing any transaction via B2 Internet Banking. It works like a prepaid debit VISA card

How to Get an E-wallet

E-wallet service is a Part of ICICI b2 saving account. For getting E-wallet service you have to Apply for a B2 account. To know more about ICICI branch free banking service visit b2 – Homepage. You can also more about it on my blog.

Eligibility and charges: Its a free service without any charges and is available to all Indian residents. b2 account is also a zero balance account, so do not worry about minimum balance.

Verifying PayPal with E-wallet

  1. After your b2 account is activated (it takes 10-15 days) and you have moved money into this account via NEFT or Cheque deposit, login into your account. In summary tab, Under E-wallet Section click on “Allocate Funds”.

    Allocate Funds
    Allocate Funds
  2. Now Click on “Fill now” and follow other onscreen directions. If it asks you to enter few grid values from security card and you won’t know what to do, probably you haven’t received your security card yet, please wait for few more days. security card will be sent to you via postal mail.

    Fill Now
    Fill Now
  3. Please remember to fill your E-wallet with Higher amount like Rs2,500/-. Doing Transactions with international merchants in foreign currency need some extra balance. Don’t worry after completing verification you can withdraw this amount.
  4. Logon to you PayPal Account and go to Add your Card form to-do list. Now enter your E-wallet card number and other details. All this details can be found in your b2 saving account. check in Card > E-wallet
  5. Wait for 2-3days and check statement of  your E-wallet for 4-digit PayPal code.  Statement can be found in Card > E-wallet section > View statement

    View Statement
    View Statement
  6. Now login to your PayPal account and enter that four digit code! After you have successfully confirmed your card, PayPal will refund you that $1.95 USD.

Congrats, now you are a verified PayPal member and you have done that without using any unfair means.

Links: ICICI Bank b2 Homepage

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