Buy apps on Google Play with EntroPay’s Virtual Credit Card

Google Play never officially supported debit cards for app purchases, but few debit cards like that of ICICI Bank’s do work. But if you’re like me, you’re left out with a debit card which Play store doesn’t support. This was the case only until I found out EntroPay, which lets you get Virtual Credit cards (VCCs), and guess what, Play store supports them.


Getting an EntroPay card

The process is pretty simple. You head over to EntroPay, fill the sign up form with details that match the one on your credit/debit card (which is just a precaution).


As the account is created, you’ll be asked to recharge your card for the first time, the minimum amount you can deposit is 20$. You can deposit via credit/debit cards or even bank transfer.

EntroPay takes certain amount of money you deposited as fees, which depends on whether you deposited via credit/debit card or bank transfer. For example, if you have deposited via a credit/debit card, 4.95% of the deposited money is taken as fees. Check the Fees page on the site for more information.

After all this gets done, you’ll be granted a virtual credit card, which looks something the screenshot above.

Using EntroPay card on Google Play


After that’s done, you have to go to Google Checkout (which is basically what’s used in Play store) and enter details of the EntroPay VCC.

This is the tricky part, as it asks for address – while denying your actual home address. The solution is to put address of EntroPay’s headquarters which are located in Malta. You can get the address from the contact page on their site.

This is how the address should look (including country, pin code and city):


And you’re almost done.

Next time while you’re buying an app on Play store’s website or the Android app, select the VCC which you just created (you’ll be shown a list of cards available from Google Checkout).

I’ve tried all this personally and can assure that it works.

This is not restricted to Play store, though. It should work for others too, like Skype credits (haven’t given a try for App store).

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141 replies on “Buy apps on Google Play with EntroPay’s Virtual Credit Card”

  1. I have tried to add the VCC of entropay in google wallet but it still says “their was a problem in authorizing your card” where i have given the address of entropay as you have done it. please say me how did you do it.. i need to buy some apps in play store..

        1. You sure that you have recharged the Entropay card (with at least 20$)? There’s no problem with the method, I just bought Falcon Pro for Android few minutes ago using Entropay VCC and it worked flawlessly.

  2. Yes i have already loaded with 20$ in my entropay card, the card which im using in google wallet, i dont know why itz not working.. i want to buy swift key full

      1. I dont know why it is not working, i had used entropay with paypal before, it worked perfectly fine… now i even created a new card in entropay transfered a few bucks from the loaded card, tried with google wallet but still the same error… and thank you..

      2. It has worked finally after i contacted Google Wallet Support… They helped me out and it worked. Follow the steps if any of you have any problem adding the card.

        “Please do the following troubleshooting steps:

        >Login into account at
        >Go to settings (Click the gear icon)
        >Got General Settings and delete the information listed as your Home address and Phone number then re-enter the information and save.
        >Go to Address Book and delete all your addresses, then add your billing address for the card you want to add and save.
        >Try to add your card again”

        The catch is that enter the home address and the billing address as entropay address and you can enter your own phone number. It will Work.

  3. lets say i used 14$ and whatever amount is left is goes to?
    how to utilise that amount? bank vcc easily expire and one get remaining amount

  4. hello, i just read your tips. i want to ask, when you top-up vcc, what did you use? debit card or credit card?
    if you use debit card, should the bank account use dollar currency or it is possible to use any currency? (i.e. Indonesian Rupiah). Thanks.

    1. I used a debit card to transfer money to my EntroPay card. I guess it will work for any type of currency. My debit card had money in rupees and it still worked. Though the minimum amount of money you can transfer is $20 USD.

  5. Hi Vibin. This seems like a good option for me too sicne I use a debit card all the time. I was using a HDFC virtual card but that doesn’t work on Google Play Store any more ( no idea why, probably the new updates have mucked it up). The HDFC card used to generate a card which only has a validity of 24 hours after which the unused/unbilled/excess amount remaining on the card is reverted to the Bank account. How does it work for Entropay? (I looked up their site but couldn’t find much in for it. ) Like suppose you have $20 on your Entropay card and you’ve used up $12 on a purchase. Can you use the remaining $7.5 for another purchase or does card validity expire once its used and the balance money left in it revert back to the account you transferred the $20 from, initially.

    1. Well actually i am a regular reader of this site and have used entropay for a long time. Anyway the $20 is the minimum you can add, they have a higher limit also which you can check it in the site. Ok, now to your question, as you said if you used up $12 on a purchase what about the remaining $8. Well the remaining $8 can be used up for any purchase you feel like. The card does have a validity for one year but every year it gets automatically reissued so not a problem with that. The balance money can be transferred but i have never tried it. And yes you can keep your balance in your account for a maximum of 6 months after which your account will become dormant and all the money will be gone. I lost $0.98 from my account. Hehe!! 😀

  6. Thank you, Priyankar Paul & Vibin. I did notice there is an option to procure a “plastic card” from the Entropay Basic account. Have either of you actually got one of those as well? Secondly, virtual cards usually never work for “renewable” purchases like subscriptions ( because they usually expire after a single usage). Please do let me know if these cards work for subscriptions, as well. Priyankar did mention a card being automatically renewed annually, but does it maintain the same card number, etc? If not, I guess the subscribed account would show a mismatch when trying to renew against a previously issued card number.

    1. No i don’t have a plastic card as the maintenance cost is very high and plus there is no need for it as the virtual credit cards are valid for one year(after which it gets automatically renewed) and not for one time use. So you can use it in subscription as well. As i mentioned about the automatic renewal, it means that the card number remains the same only the expiry date changes. Like for example, a card number – 4000202314159876 with exp date 04/13 will have its exp date changed to 04/14 after 04/13 while the card number remains the same. You can go thorough the FAQ of the site also if you have any doubts or you can ask it here.

  7. When you try and verify the credit/debit from which you are adding funds to the account does the $20 get debited automatically on successful verification?
    My South Indian bank visa debit card didnt pass verification. No idea why. Will try my other bank cards later. Internet speeds have been really slow the last 2 days.

    1. No the $20 will have to be added manually. It will never get automatically debited from your account. Do confirm it whether you have been successfully been able to add the card and load your account with $20.

  8. Dude bro I entered my name in ‘Name’ field, but then later I realized that the name on the virtual credit card generated was ‘ENTROPAY USER’.

    Google okayed everything till now – payment and developer details etc.
    And now they just displayed that wait for 48 hours, until the payment gets through, and then only will I be able to publish apps

    1. If you really want to publish apps on Google Play, I wouldn’t recommend Entropay. Apply for a real credit card and use that.

    2. hey i got the same msg as well and my wallet account got suspended. please tell what did you do

  9. btw what configuration for Billing Address and Home Address? I’m still confused. I’m using Entropay but doesn’t know how to use it in Google Play. Need help.

    1. “Your payment could not be processed at this time. You may receive an email asking you to verify your account.”

      I got error when i’m try to pay apps.

  10. Entropy Card is accepted in Google Wallet, as i found out myself after reading this fine post. Like the author and others said. the trick lies in filling up the contact details. I used “Ixaris Systems” in the Name field. Notice that I left out the “..(Malta) Ltd” which is in the actual address given on the contact page. The remaining address fields can be easily filled up. The city is San Gwann and the pin is SGN 3000.
    This is also the first time that i created an Entropy card. I found it easy, using my visa debit card. The entropy card is valid for a year and carries a running balance, so no problem in reusing it, especially in Google Play. The final verification is done by holding up your debit card to the webcam where some image recognition takes place. This is a onetime process. Here i faced some server disconnection errors but got through after a few tries.
    Thanx for this informative post because it will help frustrated guys like me to be able to buy apps on Google Play finally.

    1. “Your payment could not be processed at this time. You may receive an email asking you to verify your account.”

      I’m still get an error. Can someone help me?
      Need help to fill the information :'(
      Frustated because of this.

  11. The final verification for webcam and safelink code isn’t working for using IDBI debit card for entropay and already topped up my acount with *$20.Please help

    1. Hold the debit card before the webcam as steady as possible until the card details (especially the visa logo) are clearly visible in the preview window. Also ensure that you have a good net connection (3G/Broadband). I got through after several tries.

      1. My webcam fail to load during the verification although it is working fine.Jumio is not loading.I’ve contack the support team and they gave me another way to verify my card as I’ve mentioned in the screenshots.Both options didn’t work for me.

  12. Any one tried the transfer via bank account method? My SIB debit card transfer didn’t work. The card was validated by Entropay, but when I tried to transfer funds, the 3D secure password that is required to complete online transactions wouldn’t be accepted by entropay account. (The password is working on other online payment portals like Flipkart, mobile payment portals, etc.) No idea what is the option now 🙁

    1. Is it a SBI International Debit card? Are you trying it with the maestro that SBI provides when you open an account?

  13. SIB ( South Indian Bank) not SBI. Its some 3D secure problem. Both the bank and entropay keep blaming each other for the error. I’m fed up :\

  14. I can’t purchase anything from google play.It says my account is on hold.I’ve used Entropay VCC on google wallet.Please help.I need to buy some apps from playstore.Thanks.

    1. I can’t really confirm but it looks like Google is putting those accounts on hold which are using new VCCs. On my side, it works perfectly (probably because I added VCC to my Google wallet months ago).

  15. I deleted my Entropay account since none of the cards I added were working. I went and put a 20K Fixed Deposit in ICICI bank instead and got an instant credit card 🙂

      1. HI Vibin,i got this message on my email.

        Hello Puia,
        Thanks for your email. I understand that you are having an issue with placing an order.
        Google Wallet account *** has incomplete billing information. In order for you to use Google Wallet, we need a full address associated with your credit card. Please update your credit card billing information here:
        Is our VCC still work on Google play?Can you please tell me how to fill up the current billing address?I guess this is the only reason my account gets on hold payment.PLease help.

        1. I’m using entropay card too. And already topup with $100. But i can’t using to Google Play. I got same email like you. But there is no information about incomplete billing information like in your email.

          Here is my email from Google

          Thank you for contacting us today. It appears that your previous order was cancelled. We request that you please wait 48 hours before placing another order.

          If after 48 hours your orders are still cancelled, please reply to this email and we will be happy to assist you.

          You can review the status and details of your Google Play orders at any time by signing in to your Google Wallet account from a laptop or desktop computer with your login email address and personal password at

          Additionally, we understand your concern about your cancelled orders. Please know that Google Wallet reviews orders on a regular basis to ensure a safe purchasing environment for its users. During a routine review, your orders were cancelled. We are unable to provide any further information regarding the cancellation.

          Though your orders have been cancelled, you may notice activity on your debit/credit card for these orders. Please be assured that the amounts on your card statement are authorizations, not actual charges, and the authorizations will be removed from your account within 1-14 business days, depending on your bank. For more information on authorizations, please visit

          If you have not entered your full address in your Google Wallet account, please do so here- For more information, visit our Help Center article at: You must login to your Google Wallet account from a laptop or desktop computer (and not from a mobile phone or tablet device) using your Google Wallet account login and personal password to edit your card details.

          In order to prevent accidental purchases, please set a PIN for Google Play. For more information on setting a PIN, please visit:

          We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. If you experience any difficulties, please feel free to contact us again. Have an excellent day.

          LoL.. I guess Google already detected VCC Entropay. So we can’t using it anymore. For the Entropay User that already succedd it’s different. They input the Entropay Card a two or four months ago before Google detected that card.

          It just my opinion.
          Because i’m already delete the Entropay VCC and apply for a real credit card. 😀

          ps : all links to google, i changed to gxxglx

  16. I just created an Entropay account so I could use it to purchase apps on Google Play. Transferred 10 pounds (16.5 USD) using HDFC debit card.

    Then purchased Swype keyboard which cost Rs 53 (1 dollar), which is equal to 0.65 pounds. But Entropay card shows a balance of 8.34 pounds, which means they have deducted 1.66 pounds from the card.

    Is this normal? Will I get back the remaining 1 pound?

    BTW, while entering address, I entered United Kingdom, because I had entropay account loaded in pounds…

    1. Firstly, you should have filled your Entropay card with dollars, instead of pounds. But any way, I guess price of an app depends on the country too – so while Swype is priced at 53 RS in India, that doesn’t mean it will be exactly 0.65 Pounds (they probably charge more for UK customers).

      You can always go to and check how much was deducted during your last purchase.

    2. Google take $1 for verification. Idk know in pounds. You can check here.

      “Therefore, The $1 authorization transaction is used to validate your card information and you will see this transaction even if your credit/debit card is declined or cancelled. To learn more, please visit the Google Wallet Buyer Help Center.”

      CMIIW 😀

      Hei vibin 🙂
      You’re awesome and nice guys 😀

  17. They are also asking for phone number, what to do in this case?
    Has anybody used this method recently?

  18. When i click the buy button im getting the following error. “Account is on hold pls try after 24 hrs” but when i checked the balance it already detected 5 dollars from credit card,.. i checked the google wallet transaction im getting the following message.”Your purchase has been cancelled. You won’t be charged”. Google has cancelled this purchase.
    Comments from Google: We were unable to process your order. pls help i already got deducted 5 dollars from credit card….Any help is appreciated..

  19. HDFC Bank is a big a big thief with a banking face… Whenever I transfer any money to Entropay card, in a couple of days, I get another transaction “DC INTL POS TXN MARKUP+ST ” with hundreds of rupees deducted. Already they take a lot of money while converting currency.

    For example, I transferred 30 Pounds to entropay, and instead of deduction Rs 2550, they took Rs 2722. And then in addition to it, Another 107 rupees in some dubious fees.

    I am going to shift to a Nationalised bank…

    1. Hi
      I selected virtual card currency as USD but i did not find INR in the local currency list.
      what should i do ?

      1. Hello Sachin
        Sorry to say but there is no INR in Entropay as USD is the default currency. When you load from the bank it will automatically be converted to INR in your bank account.

  20. hey i too am planning to do as u did.. to open a publisher account. Were u able to open the account successfully n publish apps????

  21. I Have recently purchased an app. from Google Play store using Entropay Virtual VISA Card. I own an Axis Bank Visa Electron Debit card ( no credit cards),Which I registered on Entropay. The minimum amount you Have to transfer is USD 20 on which ,Entropay charges about 5% of the amount as exchange….the amount is automatically converted to US dollars and is debited from your Axis bank account. Once the transfer is successful,you are issued a Virtual Visa Card…you also have to set a VbV (verified by Visa) password during the process as an extra security measure….once you get your Virtual card, you can happily make purchases from google play store…It is smoooth…no hassles….Give it a shot…..

  22. I just now tried With Axis bank credit card but it still says invalid credit card …..WHY
    PLZ reply…

        1. If it is visa electron card,the entire process should go on smoothly for you…I just topped up my virtual card with 20 $ and also purchased another application from Google play store. very simple process…just fill in the card details,set up the Verified By Visa password.and you are done with….

          1. Try a Visa or Visa Electron ‘DEBIT’ card instead, I’m sure you are going to hit the bull’s eye…..Read my May 24th post OR the post submitted by Vibin…….

  23. I guess I will have to use Entropay Credit Card To register and publish apps on google play if anything goes wron I will transfer my money back in my debit card

  24. What will be the problem if I use entropay virtual credit card to register for google play developer account?

  25. It WORKED!!!!!. but i have some questions ,
    1. when phone no. was required i gave my personnel mobile no. ,is that okay ?
    2. it asked for name on the card instead of “ENTROPAY USER ” i entered the real name is that okay and if i use this vcc at another website in the field “Name on the card ” should i have to put the real name or “ENTROPAY USER “?
    3. i had recharged the vcc with 20$ and yesterday i bought a app and today when i logged in my entropay account the total balance was still 20$ , how will i know the remaining balance in the vcc and what does “remaining funding limit ” means ? thank you.

  26. I tried to purchase an app from play store using entropay credit card. First i registered the card on gooogle wallet with my name and entropay address and my mobile no. but when i went to purchase the app following msg appeared “We were unable to verify your account information. Please visit in order to resolve this issue[BM-PP-20]”. tHIS IS AFTER I REMOVED ALL old address as advised in above post and entered same add in home add and billing add. Do i have to change the code no. for my country(india) while entering phone no. or do i keep the code of malta. Please help me as i URGRNTLY require that app. ALso is it necessary to verify entropay card by using webcam ?

  27. I’ve tried everything step by step. Put in funds into Entropay virtual card, deleted all my previous addresses from Google Wallet, added the Entropay address and name details, etc. But when adding the credit card, Google still tells me “There was a problem authorising your card. Contact your bank if this problem continues.”

    I don’t know what to do! Please help.

    1. When changing my address in Google Wallet from India to Malta, I had to log in again and accept some Terms & Conditions (presumably for the Malta region?), did this happen with anyone else?

      I just want to buy apps legally from the Play Store, how hard is it for Google and our stupid RBI to understand? I guess they’d rather we pirate.

        1. I’ve tried every possible way to add the Entropay card to Google Wallet, but nothing seems to work. Do you think Google might have stopped this workaround? What is the email of Wallet support, can’t seem to find it, they only have a number listed. I keep getting the cannot authorise error. Any update on whether this procedure still works? Also to transfer funds back to my bank from Entropay will cost me 6 USD!!

          1. I’m not really sure, but I’m still able to buy apps with the same entropay card. I browsed the support page a bit and this is the phone number I found: 1-855-492-5538.

  28. Thanks a lot for the information. I tried Entropay and its now working in Google Play Store. They took a little time to confirm my account for security reasons which I think is worth the time. The support team of Entropay where very supportive though it may look they are not.

    Thanks once again.

  29. actually i didn’t verify my debit card yet. is this the reason. however the card word when i tried it on a mmorpg website to buy membership. how can i contact google support

  30. worked for me after I contacted google support. My card verification is pending . What code do i need to enter there

    1. You need to enter the authentication code of the transaction you did with entropay using your card, which you can get by calling your card customer care. Hope this helps.

  31. The two step verification -> Card Validation (Webcam one) and Card Verification (Some code)
    What code do we need to enter in the second step.

  32. google wallet saying Your Visa-9114 was declined for this purchase. and it have 25 dollars in entropayaccount do i need more please help

    1. You don’t need more than 25 dollars. Go to Google Wallet site and make sure your Entropay’s card details are entered right.

  33. My bank is declining the transaction to Entropay “for security reasons”. I am unable to top-up the Entropay card.

  34. I’m trying to buy a google developer account for publishing app on playstore. does this method still works? can anyone please confirm? Thanks

  35. Hello I was Wondering if I can Pay My Hosting Bill using the Virtual Card from Entropay, As I’m unable to do it using my Debit card. Has any one Tried using the card for International Purchases, I’ll be using it for Bluehost & Hostpup.

  36. Hello,

    I still get the error: There was a problem authorizing your card. Contact your bank if this problem continues.

    My addresses in google wallet are:

    Triq Taz-Zwejt
    SGN 3000

    Credit card billing address:

    Triq Taz-Zwejt
    San Gwann SGN 3000

    What am i doing wrong?
    Could somebody post the EXACT adresses they used for the google wallet home address and CC billing address?

    Thnx in advance!

  37. @priyanka paul @vibin @shrikant

    Everything you posted are all right except the minimum value recharge for first time on entropay , which according to you is US $20, what isn’t right?

    I just made an account in entropay and the minimum recharge i did is US $5 only n even purchased on google play..i.e, poweramp full unlocker.
    Bit of an extra info for you guys n by the way thanx for all those efforts

    1. You are absolutely right.. didn’t pay attention to a little dialog box which allows you to etering any denominations starting from 5$ and above…$20 is the default option as suggested by the entropay site itself…..
      For users in India, with the introduction of new debit cards having the electronic chip and which requires ATM pin to be quoted in each transaction along with the VbV password, Paypal,after having made some new customer security/insurance agreements with the Indian Govt., is now also working great guns….give it a shot….

  38. Thanks a lot. It worked. @Vibin @Priyanka paul. I have successfully linked my SBI Visa Debit card to Google Wallet using Entropay.

    1. Glad i could help you but you got my name wrong.. itz PRIYANKAR PAUL and Priyanka Paul.. i guess u missed the “r”..

  39. I tried entropay at december 2013, it worked great to create new google developer accounts , but now It refuse, just google take one dollar then return it and say payment cancelled
    could you help me?
    what to do to create new developer google play account using virtual credit card

    1. Even I want to purchase developer account. Pl try and tell is it still working. And @vibin how many vcc can I issue using one entropay account. Thanks.

      1. I want to buy google developer account for submitting applications to android market. Will entropay work to get such account. Thanks.

        1. As I said, I’m really not sure if Entropay works at Google Checkout currently, but it did work for me few months back. So create an Entropay account, fill it with the minimum amount (20$) and check if it gets accepted at Google Checkout.

  40. Is entropay still working?? I purchased via entropay twice but now it has started to give decline error!! Any on you have purchased recently wrt Mar’14 ??

  41. Yes! Entropay is still working on Google play store checkout. purchased game on Google play store using Entropay on 14/03/2014

  42. It was working fine on 7 of march, but now unable to make purchases anywhere online using the entropay cards. There might be a problem have sent a Mail to the Support team

  43. Doesn’t work for me. Tried a Euro 8.99 payment, and i have 15$ in my entropay account. Like suggested here, i tried the address on Entropy’s contact us page, and it doesn’t work. Any ideas?

      1. It did, but after a lot of struggles with addresses, i finally managed to get it to work.

        The trick was to use their registered london address
        22 Long Acre, London WC2E 9LY, United Kingdom

        And Viola!

        Entropay support couldn’t tell me this, nor could Google wallet support. Finally after a lot of trial and error, got this one and it worked.

  44. I am unable to unlock fifa 14 through in app purchase but i can buy other apps from playstore. its saying your order was declined because it was considered high risk. please try again in 30 min. can anyone help me?

  45. It is working…. i purchased few apps and games via entropay vcc.. no need to register with UK address, use your own address and it will still work…

  46. Buddies,I m from India. I have already created entropay vcc. Is it supported by google wallet in India ? Secondly, can i purchase apps in google play store using entropay card in all android mobile devices?

  47. Hello vibin I want to publish my android app but I don’t have credit card and it is so hard to get a credit card in India so what to do ???
    I have corporation bank’s debit card.

  48. hello..
    i want to create google play developer console account ! so can pay developer account buying fee with entropay virtual credit card ???
    thank you.

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