Use and Verify Paypal without Credit Card [Legal Method]

Many PayPal features require you to be verified member. But as we all know not everyone is interested in having a credit card or some people are ineligible to be issued a credit card. Use this method to become verified PayPal member without any credit card. Of course, it is legal!

paypal_logoThis post will for all Indian residents who regularly use PayPal for sending or receiving money.

For adding funds in your PayPal account & lifting limits you would need a credit card. But as we all know not everyone is interested in having a credit card or some people are ineligible to be issued a credit card. A credit card can only be issued to a person above 18years of age and earning regular income.

First why not use Virtual Credit Card (VCC)…

Many people to use a Virtual Credit Card (VCC). But I don’t recommend it because the purpose of the PayPal verification is to validate your personnel information. Their goal is to verify the information given by you is correct. VCC’s cheat the system and do so in such a way that compromises the entire network. So even if you were able to verify using VCC, there is constant risk that PayPal might detect it and freeze your account. That’s why I don’t recommend using a Virtual Credit Card (VCC).

Use E-wallet by ICICI Bank

E-wallet is a VISA card issued by ICICI bank. It works exactly like a normal credit card and it is accepted on all online stores(including PayPal). It would be issued under your name.Β  You will also get regular online statements for it.

It is different from a normal debit/credit as:

  1. you won’t get a physical card.
  2. you have to fill it before doing any transaction via B2 Internet Banking. It works like a prepaid debit VISA card

How to Get an E-wallet

E-wallet service is a Part of ICICI b2 saving account. For getting E-wallet service you have to Apply for a B2 account. To know more about ICICI branch free banking service visit b2 – Homepage. You can also more about it on my blog.

Eligibility and charges: Its a free service without any charges and is available to all Indian residents. b2 account is also a zero balance account, so do not worry about minimum balance.

Verifying PayPal with E-wallet

  1. After your b2 account is activated (it takes 10-15 days) and you have moved money into this account via NEFT or Cheque deposit, login into your account. In summary tab, Under E-wallet Section click on “Allocate Funds”.

    Allocate Funds
    Allocate Funds
  2. Now Click on “Fill now” and follow other onscreen directions. If it asks you to enter few grid values from security card and you won’t know what to do, probably you haven’t received your security card yet, please wait for few more days. security card will be sent to you via postal mail.

    Fill Now
    Fill Now
  3. Please remember to fill your E-wallet with Higher amount like Rs2,500/-. Doing Transactions with international merchants in foreign currency need some extra balance. Don’t worry after completing verification you can withdraw this amount.
  4. Logon to you PayPal Account and go to Add your Card form to-do list. Now enter your E-wallet card number and other details. All this details can be found in your b2 saving account. check in Card > E-wallet
  5. Wait for 2-3days and check statement ofΒ  your E-wallet for 4-digit PayPal code.Β  Statement can be found in Card > E-wallet section > View statement

    View Statement
    View Statement
  6. Now login to your PayPal account and enter that four digit code! After you have successfully confirmed your card, PayPal will refund you that $1.95 USD.

Congrats, now you are a verified PayPal member and you have done that without using any unfair means.

Links: ICICI Bank b2 Homepage

[Editor Note: This post is by guest blogger Gaurish Sharma. He blogs at Gaurish Sharma Live about technology.

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Gautam March 6, 2009

Hey! Thanks for informing!

List of Do follow forum March 6, 2009

Thanks a lot..this is very useful..
Almost 200$ are there in my paypal and I was unable to verify it with my ICICI debit card….

Pavan Kumar March 6, 2009

Thats a new thing for me… Never knew it before… would be useful for me, let me go through more details later on. Thanks for info πŸ™‚

technolizard March 6, 2009

You solved a big problem of mine.. Thanks πŸ™‚

mizopa March 7, 2009

guys.. in the register form.. i didnt find my state .. Mizoram.. someone inform.. the Admin πŸ˜› thanks.. for the information.. anyway…!

Gaurish Sharma March 7, 2009

I am Glad that you Liked it, Thanks for reading this post

richi March 10, 2009

hey nice after so many years of trying now i am happy i can use pay pal thanks

Gaurish Sharma March 10, 2009

you are welcome, Richi!

Bapun March 14, 2009

Useful post. Thanks Gaurish.

ram March 14, 2009

Thanks Gaurish, I was searching for some time how to verify paypal without credit card. I am also not sure about virtual credit card. Now I will try the way you provided.

Aditya March 15, 2009

I am already veryfied with my credit card and backaccount. I think there are lots of people in India who need that. They don’t have verified paypal.

Gaurish Sharma March 15, 2009

@Bapun,Ram and Aditya
Thanks for your encouraging Comments

shom March 15, 2009

Thanks Gaurish
Always needed this πŸ™‚

loriedee April 1, 2009

hi im loriedee from phil i want to buy a products on natural products but i donot have a credit card..How can paypal help me i realy nid the product …asap

Rahul Bansal April 3, 2009

I guess best option will be to use some friends credit card. Because method described above is for Indian users only.
There way be similar method for your country by the way. Please try searching it.

Gagan April 4, 2009

link is not working !! πŸ™

Gaurish Sharma May 4, 2009

Which Link is not working?

richi May 4, 2009

dude in this there r only main cities like if andhra pradesh is der then its not for all ap people but only for hyderabad resident people only .

Rajesh May 11, 2009

under 18.. want money to pay for my game possible method? plz reply…

Rahul Bansal May 12, 2009

Sorry to know that.

Cant help with your problem.
May be u can ask ur dad or elder bro or someone in your family/friends with credit card to pay your bill.

rossi May 17, 2009

i got an axis bank debit and wondering whether they have any service with ebanking too. and i need to verify mine soon.

rossi May 17, 2009

i don’t have an icici bank account and i don’t live in the cities listed. can i still make an e-wallet juts for verifying paypal and some transactions online.

Rahul Bansal May 19, 2009

Sorry. I don’t think this can be useful for you. πŸ™

Naveen May 25, 2009

Plz Help. After I Add All The Details It Is Showing An Error Saying, ” This card has been disabled for entry into the PayPal system. Please add a different card “.
What Shall I Do Plz Help.
It Is Very Important For Me To Have A Verified Paypal Account.
Reply Me Fast.

Deepak Jain May 26, 2009


No, its not possible to create an ICICI B2 a/c unless your city is listed on their database. (Even am facing this problem)

Naveen May 27, 2009

I Am From Bangalore And I Already Have A B2 Saving Account Provided My ICICI Bank. The Problem Is After I Add The Virtual Credit Card Detail Provided By e-wallet In Paypal Account It Is Showing A Error Saying, ” This card has been disabled for entry into the PayPal system. Please add a different card β€œ.
What Shall I Do Plz Help.
It Is Very Important For Me To Have A Verified Paypal Account.
Reply Me Fast.

Gaurish Sharma May 28, 2009


Did you contact paypal? what did they say?
If everything else fails, you can contact ICICI B2 support team to generate a new card number for you πŸ™‚

syahrir June 19, 2009

hi, nice article …
but my question is can it used by someone outside india
thanks before

AKM June 22, 2009


What PayPal replied me for Virtual Card

Gaurish Sharma June 22, 2009

E-wallet is not a VCC. its a Prepaid VISA card. its 100% legal as you get monthly statements and the card no is not dynamic. In E-wallet numbers never change.

Its pretty safe to verify with E-wallet

Gaurish Sharma June 22, 2009

Only if you can manage to get a Icici b2 account which is highly unlikely;)

Anirban Hazra July 2, 2009

Do I have to insert the E-wallet card number OR the Virtual Credit Card Number during Paypal verification ? Do E-Wallet card have CVV number ?

vinod July 10, 2009

I just now called the paypal customer care… confirm whether i could verify my paypal account with “SBI Yuva Debit Card (VISA)”, …

and to my surprise they said YES u can untill its is under the VISA recognition BELT.

I asked them about the absence of 4-digit pin in the statement (as mentioned by cooldude_007 in the first post of this thread)… to which he (customer care guy) replied that u need to go down to ur branch and get the TRANSACTION BRIEF in which the code may be present.

So no need to give ur Acc No. to anyone…

ya …. it has some work to be done..

but its better the compromising ur security of ur hard-earned money !!!

Ajit July 14, 2009

Thanks.You have been extremly helpful with this post.Now I am verified with paypal.I was not being able to get a credit card because I am only 18 and a student.But now I have a verified paypal account and I have been able to buy web hosting and domain name online which was my main aim.
For your information my website blog is:-

Thanks once again

Deepak Jain July 15, 2009

Happy to know this post helped you ajit! πŸ™‚

bryce July 16, 2009

No use, At present B2 account dont have e-wallet link. So we are unable to connect my b2 card to paypal… any ideas !????

Shiv July 18, 2009

Thanks Gaurish U Solve a major Problem of Much Indians

Gaurish Sharma July 18, 2009

If its a recently activated account you have to wait upto a week before e-waller and other numbers are generated for you. for further queries, chat with customer care

Dharmesh July 20, 2009

There is also a HDFC Bank VCC that u can use. That is legal too and thats free as well!!!

Manojj August 6, 2009

I am from Kerala but i live abroad can i use this service

Deepak Jain August 9, 2009

Yes, you can use this service from outside India, but first you need to get this account activated in India

Gaurish Sharma August 8, 2009

Sure, if you can come down to Kerala to sign documents πŸ™‚

rakesh August 10, 2009

hii Gaurish ,
hey i have no icici saving account can i creat B2 account and pancard nessery to creat account ???plz replay me

Amit Ashwini August 15, 2009

The suggestion which Gaurish has offered is also a good one.

Amit Ashwini August 15, 2009

But I don’t really agree that VCC are not good as you’ve said.
The sole idea and logic behind VCC is security for the people who don’t want to disclose their actual credit card credentials.
I have worked with and most of the people abroad prefer to use VCC for validating their accounts.

Sachiien Sathawane August 22, 2009

Hey dude,

I have opened the b2 account after reading ur blog and it is active now.
However, I could not find the “E-wallet Section ” section in the summary tab.

Has the bank removed/closed this feature?
Please reply at the earliest as I need to register with PayPal urgently.


adsense blog August 23, 2009

thank for your info.

Veerapathiran August 24, 2009

Hey guys,

I have opened the b2 account after reading ur blog and it is active now.
However, I could not find the β€œE-wallet Section ” section in the summary tab.

Has the bank removed/closed this feature?
Please reply at the earliest as I need to register with PayPal urgently.


Deepak Jain August 25, 2009

As far I know, the purpose of B2 accounts is to make such online transactions..
So, you check it out again. Else you can contact ICICI customer care for it

smit August 29, 2009

thanks yaar it really helps lot of people

mathew September 1, 2009

Hi Buddy,

i am not residind in india, can i still make use of this

service to verify my paypal account? pls reply.


akshay September 10, 2009

nagpur is not in list how to sign up

Sanjay jain September 14, 2009

Can i pay paypal using b2 branchfree banking?

Navneet Saini September 16, 2009


i registerd on on 10th Sep, 2009. but Till now i couldn’t get any Executive for Collect my Documents.


nicky September 18, 2009

b2 is currently present in “select cities”

mine city is not there πŸ™

any another way

mindblowin September 18, 2009

arey dude …wt 2 do askz 4 company adress n al ..m 4m mumbai n stil a student

ravinderjakku September 27, 2009

dear sir
for skype net phone recharging purpose iam using regularly HDFC-netsafe virtual credit card (INR to US dollers).sir above same
facility shell we get SBI and CANARA banks,if avaible please
inform me how to get above facility
thanking you
best regards
ravinderjakku.Bp-07,lome,TOGO,west africa

G33kyF3m October 27, 2009

I never knew this before. Gotta thank you! πŸ™‚

Senthil Ramesh October 27, 2009

Can I use SBI debit card Maestro for PP?

Deepak Jain October 28, 2009

No Indian debit cards are accepted by paypal!

Go Green Tips November 4, 2009

This is a real great tip. I tried using AXIS ATM Card, SBI Debit card but no use. I am in Chennai and now I have applied for a B2 account online. They will be collecting my documents in a day or two hopefully! I was about to buy VCC and this post saved me πŸ™‚

Mohsin November 13, 2009

How can i add fund to paypal using b2 account

Deepak Jain December 3, 2009

@ Mohsin
First you’ll have to add your b2 a/c to paypal and then use the option “add funds” on your paypal (it will work only if you have sufficient funds on your b2 a/c)

Srinivas November 24, 2009

Very useful information. Thank you friend.

Rachel November 24, 2009


I have a B2 a/c and e-wallet card as well. I tried linking my card in Paypal with the e-wallet details. It went fine in the first page where I entered my e-wallet card number with the 3 digit security code number. However, when it came to “Confirm my Card”, I clicked on “Save & Continue” button. It displayed an error message, “We were unable to verify this credit card. Please check if the information you entered is correct. If the problem persists, please try to enter a different credit card.”

Can you tell me what could be the possible reason and how can I resolve it, please?

Deepak Jain November 26, 2009

@ Rachel
In your B2 account statement, you will see a debit of Rs. 100 (approx) with a corresponding verification ID which you’ll have to enter on your paypal account to verify your account! Simple. πŸ™‚

Altamash December 2, 2009

Entering your E-wallet card number for making paypal account is fine, but what about the CSC the 3 degit number at the back of the credit card that they ask for at the time of making the paypal account.Thank you.

Deepak Jain December 3, 2009

As mentioned on the post, after few days of activating B2, you’ll receive a security card wherein the 3 Digit CVV should be present.

Gaurish Sharma December 3, 2009

@Deepak Jain
No its incorrect. security won’t contain anything like that.

as mentioned in post,
Wait for 2-3days and check statement of your E-wallet for 4-digit PayPal code. Statement can be found in Card > E-wallet section > View statement. check point no.5 for screenshot

Deepak Jain December 5, 2009

Thanks for correcting me. But, I guess, Altamash’s question still remains unanswered. What should someone do when asked for 3 Digit CVV number?

May be trying it out again may help. About payment through eWallet, I am not sure but it seems we can do it. Gaurish may clear this as he have already used this service.

You can purchase a VCC to verify paypal, but that’s considered to be illegal and against paypal’s terms.

Rache December 4, 2009


I got your point. Yet, I don’t see any transactions under my Cards. It says “No transaction Details”. I remember receiving an SMS saying the debit of 1.95 USD has been denied. I wonder why! πŸ™

Rache December 4, 2009

One more question – Can we use eWallet like Credit Card in Paypal? Say for example, my eWallet is loaded with some 5000 INR. My paypal has zero balance. Can I still pay to someone through my Paypal because my Paypal is linked with eWallet card and hence paying by Paypal will result in debit from my eWallet. Is that possible?

DestinyAngel December 4, 2009

Hi could someone out there help me with my problem, I need to verify my paypal acount, I’m from phil. but i don’t have credit or debit card yet, could it be possible for me to use that e-wallet, it is free? please help me thank you

Gaurish Sharma December 5, 2009

I got your point. Yet, I don’t see any transactions under my Cards. It says β€œNo transaction Details”. I remember receiving an SMS saying the debit of 1.95 USD has been denied. I wonder why!

there must be a reason mentioned along with that, reread that SMS and findout normally it happens if the entered detailed(card no,CVV,Expiry etc ) are incorrect or there is no sufficient balance.

One more question – Can we use eWallet like Credit Card in Paypal? Say for example, my eWallet is loaded with some 5000 INR. My paypal has zero balance. Can I still pay to someone through my Paypal because my Paypal is linked with eWallet card and hence paying by Paypal will result in debit from my eWallet. Is that possible?

Yes, this is exactly how it works;)

Deepak Jain
Altamash question is already answered in main post itself. Point no 4, CVV is also displayed in that section along with other details

narendra singh December 8, 2009

I have still a problem. what debit card is support to paypal and I deposit money to our paypal account.

Senthil Ramesh December 8, 2009

Hi I cant give the address as my city is not in the list. What can I do now.

Raivis December 9, 2009

Hi. ai have problem to register in b2 web sites, when ai are in STEP 4 and ai agree term in last term ai dont clikc in, when ai click, ai have open a log where write : Please read the TERMS and Conditions fully till end before agreeing / where have problem, please help!

mohamed shafee December 10, 2009


I have account in paypal and i am not able verify my account. You said we can verify by ICICI Bank-E-wallet method.

Recently anybody verified by this method?

Mohammed December 12, 2009


I will give a try and if it works…it will be great treasure hunt info for rocks dude..hats off..hope it will work flawlessly for me.



KEN December 19, 2009

This site is removed as SBI has stopped supporting payments without VbV.

All Debit Cards will not work in PayPal or any other site without VbV with effect from 16-December-2009

Sorry for the Inconvience Caused.

how to verify paypal now with sbi debit card ?

Jignesh December 19, 2009

I have one problem,
I am a college student & we have a shop,
in that form they are asking about company name & all info (in 3 step).
so what to do ???
and i don’t have icic account.
Please tell me can i get b2 account ?

Please reply Urgent.
Thank you.

Gaurish Sharma December 21, 2009

I have already discussed this on my blog( so copying verbatim from there:

One problem you might face is in step-3 that name of your employer might not be on the list. no problem, simply click on β€œO” and select β€œOthers”. if you are unemployed like you are still studying then simply write β€œNOT APPLICABLE”.

Hope it helps

Altamash December 21, 2009

What about the individual salery that they ask for in the first stage and the company details that they ask for in the secound stage. You say that this is for all Indian resedences so that should include house wifes,students and unemployed people also. Thank you.

Arpit Kaushal December 26, 2009

Add Funds is Not Available

PayPal does not currently offer the ability to add funds from your bank account.

When you make a payment, PayPal charges the buyer’s credit card and instantly credits the seller’s PayPal account.

dis is da message which i get when i try to add funds….my a/c is also showing me a balance on $1.95USD….dats means its ok…but still i cant add funds to my account…y???? account shows verified…plzzz help

Suhas December 30, 2009

I have submitted the application and got my account activated. Now, when I ask the Chat support guy about the Virtual Credit Card number. He says that I have to wait 6 months to get it!

6 months!! Anyone had the same experience??

@Altamash ..I know..they have a crappy application form

Gaurish Sharma December 30, 2009

@Arpit Kaushal
you are all set, your account is verified. just add fund to your E-wallet and use paypal to make purchase/payment.When you make a payment, PayPal charges the Ewallet.

No, don’t use VCC. its something else. Verify with E-wallet, read the above article again for exact steps

Suhas January 1, 2010


OK, I just click on “Fund” and add Rs. 2500. After that, I’ll find an option called “E-wallet”.


abhi January 14, 2010

I have got everything with B banking but the main problem is when I add card to my pay pal account it asks whether its Visa, American Express or Master card so tell me what do I choose in that option? and do you think adding your e wallet number in card number section will work because I could nit find any e wallet related article in e wallet…..

Nripin January 15, 2010

keep up the Great Work mate !!!

sagar January 18, 2010

i have IOB credit card, when i try it to link with paypal, always one msg display “We were unable to verify this credit card. Please check if the information you entered is correct. If the problem persists, please try to enter a different credit card.” what i do now?

Deepak Jain January 19, 2010

@ sagar
Are you sure the info. you are providing is correct and your card is a credit and not debit card?

Arvind January 24, 2010

@ Mr.Deepak

Can you please tell me the details about the minimum amount of money I must have in my B2 account in order to verify my paypal.

Thanks in advance.

Mohammed February 2, 2010

Hi Deepak,

I have transferred some amount in my b2 saving account, now I would like to fill my ewallet. But my query is am not getting “Fill ewallet” option anywhere on site. Nor in cards neither in Summary tab. So kindly highlight the exact steps involved in filling ewallet. I do have security card with me. Or it seems that this feature is temporary disable by b2.

Awaiting for your reply.

Sourish Nath February 10, 2010

cool post man , cheers

Desty February 10, 2010

This only work for India? Please answer me

vivek jain February 11, 2010

@Desty It works for Indian residents’ accounts only.

@Soaurish Nath Thanks.

vishnu February 12, 2010

I want to create a paypal account,but if i sign up for my account in the debit card number is not valid and what is the CSC code? which i have not heard before.please help me in solving this problem,i’m in a need in creating my paypal send me your response as soon as possible
PS:I’m using southindianbank debit card,if u could send me a demo video or screenshots of creating a paypal account using sib atm/debit card,i’ll be grateful

Vishnu babu R.M

Deepak Jain February 16, 2010

@ vishnu
You can create a paypal account even without a credit/debit card.
You need credit card just to verify your paypal account and increase the drawing power πŸ™‚

Rohit Langde February 15, 2010

Heard of this Ewallet for the first time. Nice idea but only problem is that when I filled application form. Mumbai, Pune and Thane are the only cities supported in Maharashtra. I am from Nagpur πŸ™

Mohammed March 12, 2010

I have registered with b2 account from 9th Jan 2010, still they haven’t activated my ewallet. totally pissed off.. They are not providing good customer support. If anybody have number to contact any higher authority please share.

ATHUL April 14, 2010

its nice. but sad to say b2 account is not available in kerala.

tiger April 26, 2010

how to withdraw that amount which is in b2 saving acount after activation of paypal? if i dont have any other account anywhere as it will be my first account? do I need other bank account to deposit money in it ? as it can be deposite only by cheque or Neft not cash.

Manoj May 4, 2010

Hi friends,
Now you can verify your paypal account using the account of any nationalized bank in india. I used UNION BANK OF INDIA and finally i got verified paypal account. Its as simple as 3 steps, just link your bank account details along with IFSC code. Then select the option for verifying your paypal using this bank account. Paypal will deposit two small amounts to that account with in two or three days. Enter that amount in paypal get verified page and immediately you will get your account verified.

mariana shane May 10, 2010

well i preffer using service…
they are excellent,fast and secure.
they claim : ” instant or free ”
Real A+ service on internet

jack mandrake May 10, 2010

thank you so much mariana for info…
i just got my paypal verified.

Jay May 14, 2010

LOL funny how you reply just 3 minutes later after the post.

Who? May 20, 2010

yes, it worked

Atul raj May 14, 2010

just tried this it all in details and live in ,i got instant verified here.. 100% working …
fast , secure and trusted brand for verifying paypal.
so get paypal verified with out credit card ..i highly recommend it πŸ™‚ thanks.. jack and mariya

john June 19, 2010 are very good their service
and the support are very good 5/5
i complete my paypal verification in 5 min

john June 22, 2010

i paid for a vcc and confirmed my paypal account in a couple of hours…so i guess they deserve a 5 star +

Highly Recommended

neeta June 30, 2010

whil de giving my debit card detail its ask csc and i dont know where its presnt on debit card can u help me …i think csc code is on credit card ……..i can i do .. plz give me solv

Altamash July 9, 2010

I finally have made my b2 account and got my ewallet activated. What I want to know now is wheter I can renew my ewallet card after expiration

Sanjeev September 26, 2010

Thank u very much Gaurish, The way you have explained the entire process step by step elaborating each point is excellent.

Rajesh October 25, 2010

Hello admin,
can you tell me is it still working?
and if i got verified then is there any chance paypal will again ask for card?
waiting for your answer as i need to verify my account

ALtamash March 25, 2011

“Thank you” Gaurish Sharma. I finally made my B2 account on JUL 9 of 2010 and now have my e wallet activated and functioning. I now have a legal verified Pay pal account. “Tank you”. I am very happy now.

Rohith VR March 28, 2011

Thank you for this valuable information, its very helpful for verifying my paypal…

bennjim April 7, 2011

Hi ,
Is methord still working. I have a question ..can i we withdraw the money from paypal using ewallet.

Chirag April 20, 2011

can we verify our paypal account with the help of a debit card which is issued by Bank Of Baroda and affilated via VISA

MSB May 9, 2011

I have verified paypal account through my SBI a/c.
Now my question is can i transfer money from my sbi a/c to paypal through net banking ?
If yes then how, if no then tell me its alternate.

Thanks πŸ™‚

poovalli June 13, 2011

HOW U VERIFied WIth SBI a/c.Let me know the deatails..use credit card/debit card?

yash May 20, 2011

my question is i already have a verified account & a good balance in my paypal account but still i am not able to make online purchases it keeps asking me to add a card to make payment.

Mohammed May 21, 2011

Yash, per the new rule of RBI, one cannot make direct purchase or use their paypal funds. You need to withdraw that amount in your bank account and you need to use your credit card to pay online.

Richard June 5, 2011

Yash, per the new rule of RBI, one cannot make direct purchase or use their paypal funds. You need to withdraw that amount in your bank account and you need to use your credit card to pay online.

latha July 7, 2011

it’s not for all countries’s sad

Swathi Reddy August 7, 2011

will there be any difference between regular credit card and virtual credit card.

manohar oturkar October 14, 2011

This credit card has been refused by the bank that issued your credit card. For details on why your card was refused, please contact your credit card issuer’s Customer Service department. Or, you may want to try adding a different credit card.
trying to verify my pay pal account with sbi Yuva debit card
please guide
some points
my bank account name start with my name & ends with surname
but my paypal account start with surname & ends with name
this will work or not please guide

Jees K Denny November 21, 2011

hey sir,.,
i have doubt..
is the payapal service is free?
i dnt knw well., plz say sir about this.

pritesh December 6, 2011

can we still pay from e wallet to paypal

rudhal December 8, 2011

Now paypal doesn’t accept any VCC.. and dont even try this because when paypal try to make transaction through it paypal immediately limit your account

Mohammed January 18, 2012

Is it b2 still working? Because I am facing problem, though my ewallet has amount, I am unable to pay invoice in my paypal account. Please update.

Tushar February 14, 2012

I have axis bank E-wallet card similer to ICICI. But i tried it with paypal it is not accepted.. please help me.

Afroj February 28, 2012

plz….tell me is this work in india current time and can i verify my paypal a/c in india by using e-wallet

need help May 3, 2012

i do not live in india
if i used the address of a friend who is living in india
can i then use this verifying method (ICICI Bank b2 ) ?
will the ewallet then verify my paypal account successfully ?
((please notice that my paypal account is not in india , but the ewallet &ICICI Bank will be in india will it work ? ))
you have my email please contact me and tell me if it will work or not .

mohan July 11, 2012

I tried this method and not verified and my paypal account still in limited. what should i do for verified account?

pranay mondal August 10, 2013

hi admin can I withdraw my money from my account to my local bank account if yes so please mail me or reply to this post here..


Chad Silverston March 9, 2016

Do you think it is a good idea to buy a virtual bank from Auction Essistance to verify my account?