Will Timeline Apps Lead to Sharing Overload on Facebook!

Let me start with the fact that I am not really a fan of Facebook’s new Timeline layout. It definitely looks pretty but making it necessary for me to look up my share setting for all my posts over the past 3 years is very tedious. I am also not a big fan of the ticker in the sidebar either. The sidebar can be hidden but then I cannot see my friends who are online and available to chat.


Facebook today has announced a host of Apps that can be added to your Timeline.  Apps from Goodreads, Rockmelt, Flixster, Yahoo News and several others have been accepted by Facebook to post on your Timeline. So next time if you read something on the Yahoo News App, it will be shared on your timeline.

See this video demo about App on your Facebook Timeline

Will Apps posting on Timeline lead to Sharing overload?

I think Facebook cannot be blamed as users will have to allow apps to post on their timelines. But it might be something users might find a little tricky to manage.

Apps are reducing the step of us listening to a song and sharing it with our friends on Facebook. They are making the process automatic. This might suit some people but not everyone. If I read 10 stories via Yahoo News App, I might want to share only one or two of those stories with my friends on Facebook.

If you want to approve Apps for your Facebook Timeline look up this link.

What are your views on Apps posting on your Timeline? Will it lead to an overload of sharing? Do drop in your comments.

Link: Facebook’s Timeline Apps

Facebook Timeline profiles are now available worldwide

Yes the wait is finally over now, after a waiting period of so many weeks and after so many delays, Facebook finally launched their Timeline profiles worldwide including India. Facebook just updated their official blog regarding the same. For those who still don’t know about the Timeline, it’s a completely new layout of Facebook profiles where you can add music, videos, photos and other applications to your profile. It also creates a sequence of your time to time events that can be accessed later on.

How to activate Timeline on your profile:

To activate Timeline profile just go to this page and click “Get It Now”.

Things you should know:

  • There’s a 7 Days review period when you can get familiar with the new features of Timeline. You can anytime publish your timeline profile in this time period.
  • You have full control over what you want to show on your profile and what should be hidden. You can hide lesser important stories and publish others.
  • There’s a new feature in Timeline that is the ‘Activity Log” where you can check all your activities from today to the day you joined Facebook. You can control your profile from here and publish or hide stuff on your profile.

So have you activated your Timeline Profile, don’t forget to share your experience with us.

LINK: Activate Timeline.

Facebook Timelines Starts Rollout in New Zealand

Facebook has started rolling out its much awaited feature called Timelines. Timelines on Facebook is a big design change and will allow users to look up older updates a lot easily. Initially the feature will be made available to users only in New Zealand.

You can use this tutorial to access the new Timelines feature right-away.

The Timelines roll-out will start for users in New Zealand as a test case and users will have a 7 day review period. After 7 days Timelines will be published automatically.

I guess with the feedback from users in New Zealand, Facebook will roll-out Timelines across the world.

Facebook's Timeline Layout

Why was Timelines delayed?

There is no real specific answer to this question given by Facebook. Timelines.com is a website that had trademarked the word Timelines for the US, and that was probably something that was holding Facebook back.

Also there could be a fear of user backlash, as such a radical design change could disappoint Facebook users who might actually end up going to Google+ and other social networks.

Why Timelines could be embarrassing for users?

Facebook has been around for over 5 years. I know some users who have been on Facebook ever since they were in school and now have jobs. People change and so do their status messages and things they share on Facebook.

What someone shared 4 years ago, might be embarrassing today and Timelines makes it very easy for people to look up older wall posts. If Facebook is not careful about educating users and giving them good and simple options to curate posts on their Timeline, Facebook can expect a big user backlash.

Do drop in your comments.

(via Techcrunch)

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Facebook Design 2004-2011 [Screenshots]

Facebook.com was founded in 2004 and is today the  most popular social networking website in the world. Millions of users access it daily. However it has started losing it’s popularity and the main reason behind it, has been confusing features and design changes.  Facebook has made major changes almost every year.

Let’s have a look at all the design changes made by Facebook from 2004 to 2011 and including the yet to be launched Timeline profiles.







Timeline Profile:

(timeline image via Kikolani)

Although Facebook is trying a lot to impress its users with new layout but every time they change the design its user starts joining pages like “We want the old Facebook Back”.

Don’t forget to tell us which was/is your Favorite Facebook layout.


How to Enable Facebook Timeline on your Account

Facebook Timeline Layout

Facebook had its F8 conference yesterday. Over the past few days Facebook has truly made a host of changes but yesterday it has unveiled a new feature called Timeline.

Timeline basically changes the way we see our Facebook wall. The changes are quite radical.

At the moment it is not available for all users and might be made available in a couple of weeks. Thankfully, for the curious minded there is a hack which allows Facebook to enable Timeline feature on your account.

Facebook Timeline Layout

  • The method is simple. Timeline features are available for Facebook developers and all you have to do is register at Facebook as a developer. Here is a step by step guide on how to go about it.
  • First visit Facebook’s Developer App on your account. Access it from this link. The user is prompted to allow Facebook Developer Apps to access your Facebook content.
  • Now Click on Create new App as seen in image below.

Create New App

  • Now enter App Display Name and App Namespace. It can be any test name as we are not actually creating a new app.

  • Now the point is to fill up details about Open Graph details for the App.
  • As seen in the image below enter what your App will be used for and click on ‘Get Started’.

  • Here you might be prompted to verify your account via a mobile phone number or credit card. I used registered my phone which got a verification code via a text message.
  • Once done with the verification, you have convinced Facebook that you are a developer and Facebook Timeline is added on your profile as a developer preview.

You Facebook profile will now be enabled with the new Timeline feature. Do be careful as this is still a beta product and might have a few bugs. In case you want to opt-out of Timelines look up this guide.

Do drop in your comments.

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