Facebook Timeline profiles are now available worldwide

Yes the wait is finally over now, after a waiting period of so many weeks and after so many delays, Facebook finally launched their Timeline profiles worldwide including India. Facebook just updated their official blog regarding the same. For those who still don’t know about the Timeline, it’s a completely new layout of Facebook profiles where you can add music, videos, photos and other applications to your profile. It also creates a sequence of your time to time events that can be accessed later on.

How to activate Timeline on your profile:

To activate Timeline profile just go to this page and click “Get It Now”.

Things you should know:

  • There’s a 7 Days review period when you can get familiar with the new features of Timeline. You can anytime publish your timeline profile in this time period.
  • You have full control over what you want to show on your profile and what should be hidden. You can hide lesser important stories and publish others.
  • There’s a new feature in Timeline that is the ‘Activity Log” where you can check all your activities from today to the day you joined Facebook. You can control your profile from here and publish or hide stuff on your profile.

So have you activated your Timeline Profile, don’t forget to share your experience with us.

LINK: Activate Timeline.


Girish December 16, 2011

I am not getting any “get it now” link on the website….
Can someone guide me as to how can I get it?

sauravjit December 16, 2011

Look for “get timeline” button on the bottom right of that page.