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SEO Must Die! [TDIS]


SEO is a false bubble, meant to burst, from the very beginning. It is about to burst, very very soon. Now, why would I say something that generic and that strong. I’ll quickly come to the point. However, to do that, we need to dig deeper into this concept called ‘Search Engine Optimization. We start from […]

My Experience with the Apple iPhone 5 [TDIS]


This comes a little late in the day, but I would like to share my experience with the new iPhone 5, less about the phone and more about the experience of being a customer. Let me share a little about my fascination with the iPhone first. I purchased a iPhone 3GS about 20 months ago […]

Are You a Geek or a Nerd – Infographic [TDIS]


If you are someone who reads a lot of books, follows technology, knows about different operating systems and enjoy watching sci-fi movies or TV series, then chances are you have either been called a ‘geek’ or a ‘nerd’. I have always found both terms quite similar except that being called a ‘geek’ was cooler than […]

Journey Of A Thousand Posts [TDIS]

Journey Of A Thousand Posts [TDIS]

I recently completed a thousand posts on Devils’ Workshop. I am not particular about numbers and was not aware of being so close to the milestone. Thanks to my friend and colleague R@xit for a timely tweet reminding me, that I was nearing a 1000 posts on DW. That tweet got me thinking about my journey […]

The journey of the Computer Mouse [TDIS]


The Mouse is considered to be an integral part of a Computer with most of the functions requiring the Mouse to be executed. A Laptop computer comes with a Touchpad however many people still find the Traditional mouse more comfortable.

The Power of 140 Characters [TDIS]

The Power of 140 Characters [TDIS]

It’s that time of the week when we sit back and relax, reflecting on the days that went by. Like any other person, I love my Sundays and avoid doing work which involves the use of brain :P. So instead of writing some tech article, I thought of sharing these interesting stories related to twitter […]

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