Coming Up – Meet The WordPress Makers

WrodCampMany Developers might be interested to know, who is involved in taking WordPress decision and how the open source project is structured in general. Lets see what Jane Wells has to say about it.

By Jane Wells WordPress is a meritocracy, it means that anyone can get involved, and a combination of the quality of someone’s contributions and their level of interest and time commitment will determine how much influence they have over decisions.

They have several levels of contributes for the WordPress application development, that includes full-time developers and casual contributors.

The WordPress team is planning to come up with second annual WordPress core leadership meetup in January 2011, they will have a video town hall at some point during their time together. During these days he will be posting profiles of the core developers who will be at the meetup. After that he will be branching out and posting about other contributors, including developers, designers, forum moderators, etc.

If you have any questions you can submit it to them to answer then in the forum thread What Should 2011 Hold for WordPress? To have a little idea how all these people fit together and how decisions are made, you can check out the presentation held WordCamp Portland in October on How WordPress Decisions Get Made.

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