How the idea of blogging is similar to the movie Inception [TDIS]

A couple of days ago there was a discussion in our blogging team about SEO, Social Media and many other ideas on blogging. These discussions and free exchange of ideas makes me really enjoy work.

While on my way from work to home I kept thinking about blogging in different ways. Questions like what is the relationship between a blogger and his readers?  What are readers after all? When I blog, I often try to think of myself as the reader. This means I avoid writing anything that I won’t like to read.

One of the most cerebral movies this year has been Inception. The concept of dream within a dream. The idea of a totem which tells you if you are dreaming or if what is happening around is real. I have been really fascinated with some of these ideas and decided that today’s Thank Devil It’s Sunday section will be about how the concepts of Inception can be compared to the concepts of blogging.

Level One – A blog is a dream

Your blog is your dream. But it is not enough to dream alone. Dreams need to be shared. A visitor to your blog is basically a participant in your dream. Your content is mainly how you will engage the reader in this dream. If the visitor does not like your post or blog much he will not return. Yup, the dream collapses and it is back to the drawing board.

When your reader likes your blog and wants to be part of your blog, he will write guest articles. When other bloggers write on your blog it is something like a dream within a dream. Yes, the guest author now has a dream within your dream. 🙂

Level Two – The Guest Author’s dream

So now we have a dream within a dream, the ideas start to flow. Your absolute control over the content is compromised but your blog’s community and influence increases. The increase in influence means just like you have a following, certain authors will have their own following.

Level Three – The extended community

These people are not necessarily interested in your blog as such but more interested in following a particular guest author. Think of these individual author’s community as his sub-conscious. Now that community dreams within the guest authors dream.

The Totem – Google Analytics

In the movie Inception, for every dreamer there is a totem. It is a personal object which lets them know if the events around are real or are still a dream. For any blogger or guest blogger the totem is Google analytics.

Yes, Google Analytics is what your blog’s strategy for the future will depend on and if you are getting carried away, Google Analytics will always show you the reality.


As explained in the movie, Inception is implanting idea which is simple but not specific deep into the subconscious mind. I read a lot of blogs. I do not end up being regular on all of them. But some blogs I follow religiously. Some of them are not even very popular.

If I am asked why I follow some of these blogs, I cannot really be specific. I am sure most readers have blogs they follow without being able to put their finger on what exactly is about that blog that ticks. Little do they know that the blogger has implanted an idea in their sub-conscious that his articles are something to be followed. 😉

Do drop in your comments and views.


Anshul Dixit December 5, 2010

Fantabulous !!!
You have related the two so beautifully !! Shows how much you have grown as a writer. I am impressed. 🙂
So now I know why I follow DW; you guys have implanted this idea in my sub-conscious 😛

Aditya Kane December 5, 2010

Thanks, lol well we share common dreams when it comes to DW.

Rajeel March 3, 2011

Oh man … !! That’s a great Comparison. I just saw the movie last day and ….. you got a special Brain 🙂
The points you made are noteworthy as they are the keytips of blogging.
Just as a dream need a powerful architect and a powerful mind, blogging also needs it…and DW has it all,, 🙂

Aditya Kane March 3, 2011

Thanks for the comment Rajeel. This post is one of my favourite that I have written. Glad you liked it. 🙂

Gourav Jain December 5, 2010

I would agree with Anshul. The post is really awesome bro and perhaps we stick to DW just because of you.

Aditya Kane December 5, 2010

Thanks Gourav. 🙂

Radhe December 6, 2010

Hat’s off to Aditya
Too Good,
Every one needs a Totem

Aditya Kane December 6, 2010

Yup, you are correct. I guess every dream needs a totem. 😉

Sandeep Singh December 6, 2010

beautiful comparison bro !! needs a lot of thinking to write like this !! you got big brains bro

Aditya Kane December 6, 2010

Thanks Sandeep 🙂

Jagan Mangat December 16, 2010

Every one got the same brain but he built his brain something else really different and noticeable.

Huzaifa Darbar December 6, 2010

I think I’ve gotta watch inception too.

Jagan Mangat December 16, 2010

You showed that there is not limit to what a man can think and relate things.Really nice and i appreciate your post as well as your thinking.You are the biggest devil in this devils workshop.

Aditya Kane December 17, 2010

Lol – Thanks Jagan.

steven papas December 19, 2010

nice one Aditya. Google is our master tool to check if we are heading the right way

Aditya Kane December 20, 2010

Thanks, glad you liked it. Yes, Google does bring us back to reality on the internet.

Zubin Rathod December 24, 2010

Dream within a dream.. the toughest job is to plant an idea in someone’s subconscious.. and you guys have done it to your readers.. it takes a lot of effort, planning, work, time, strategy, etc. I guess you all have achieved your goals.. Hats Off to you and DW!!

Viswanath Kuchibhotla January 9, 2011

Nice article…just now subscribed to your blog.

Aditya Kane January 9, 2011

thanks for subscribing to DW. Home we can keep churning out good articles for you.

gajanan June 29, 2011

Perfect comparison any blogger would be able to relate with.

Enjoyed reading it. 🙂

Abhimanyu December 15, 2011

Awesome sir… I read few more of your articles with my headphones on… and it was like i missed every beat of music. Totally engrossed! Seems you are a great thinker. Every sentence emits your talent… Keep going, my best wishes… 🙂

Aditya Kane December 15, 2011

@Abhimanyu: Thanks for liking the post 🙂