How to Transfer Google+ Circles from One Account to Another

If you have ever wanted to transfer your Google+ circles between multiple Google accounts, good news! Google Takeout now lets you do just that. Google Takeout was a service released to let you download all your data stored in your Google account – that includes Picasa albums, Contacts, Docs, +1’s and much more.

Google Takeout

Transfer Your Google+ Circles

Google says, it will take over 48 hours for the whole process to complete and both of your Google accounts’ functionality will be limited during this time period (you won’t be able to post to Google+ or add new friends into your Circles). Also, the process will be initiated in 7 days after you request it. Keep in mind that the process cannot be undone.

After the process gets finished, all your following and followers count will be preserved.

While Facebook and Google allow you to download all your data through their website. Twitter does not and they should be introducing such feature.

Link: Google Takeout

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