Infographic: Who is Winning the Games Market between iOS and Android?

In recent past, there have been many discussions on various blogs about which platform is better; Android or iOS. In my opinion it does not matter which platform is better as both seem to be pretty close performance wise.

But revenues for Apple and Google will not come only from the sale of devices but from the apps purchased on it. One of the biggest money earners on both platforms are gaming apps.

So who is winning the Gaming market between iOS and Android? This infographic by App Annie, shows the differences between revenues and also the strengths of the two platforms.

It is interesting to note that iOS has 71% of the revenues compared to 29% by Android. This is probably due to Apple iPad being a market leader while Android has not really tasted success on the tablet front. Also tablets users seem to like playing games more than phone users on an average.

Infographic: Games on iOS and Android

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