Will docs.com be the Google Docs killer?

Docs.com is a portal where you can upload documents online. This portal has been promoted by Microsoft and I can see it as a real looming threat to Google Docs. Docs.com allows you to upload and share documents with friends over the internet pretty much in a similar way to Google Docs. At the moment you can register and sign up to be in the waiting list for using Docs.com.

Why Google Docs could be in trouble?

There are two simple reasons why Google Docs could be facing serious competition from Docs.com

  1. Google Docs is still not as widely used as Microsoft Office Documents. The prime selling point of Microsoft is Excel and Word documents which still are hugely popular compared to Google Docs alternatives.
  2. Google had one advantage of its huge user base being already there with Gmail which would automatically transfer over to Google Docs. This base was lacking for Microsoft as you know Hotmail and MSN users are dwindling over the years. Docs.com allows you to sign-in with your Facebook account and this could be crucial and I am sure Microsoft will develop a application for Facebook where you can soon exchange word, excel and other office files with your Facebook contacts.

Why cloud based Documents are important?

I tried using Open Office a few times and I found it very tedious. I preferred to stick to Google Docs. But then I do not own Microsoft Office suite like most Windows users. I am sure most people having Excel and Word on their computers would want to store and share documents without changing the file formats.

So what do you think about Docs.com? Will it be the Google Docs killer? Do let me know through your comments.

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