Google Drive Enables Editing of Documents for iPhone users

Google Drive has pretty much replaced Google Docs. One of the best features on Google Documents are the options of editing documents, leaving comments on them with the browser. Today with an update to Google Drive app, iPhone users will be allowed to edit their Google Documents. This option was already available to Android users. […]

How to Enable Offline Editing for Google Docs

Google Docs is a great service. At work, we often use it to collaborate on different ideas and plans. The only real problem with Google Docs was we could not really access them offline.
Google Docs now has the option of being available for editing in offline mode.
Google Docs as you might know has become Google Drive. That means all your Google Documents and spread sheets are part of Google Drive.

Insync: Sync Google Docs On All Your Devices

Almost a month ago, I wrote about KumoSync, a software that syncs folders and files from your computer onto Google Docs. This works well to backup files to Google Docs, which in turns acts as cloud storage. With InSync, one can download all your Google Docs Folders and files onto your computer and sync them […]

Google Docs Allows Looking Up Contents of RAR and ZIP Files

If you are using Gmail, chances are you aware that up to 15 different types of files which are attached to an email, can be looked up without the need to download them. This is useful, as it saves space and also from a security point of view the file is opened online and not […]

How to Connect Your Google Docs with

I had recently written about storing your Microsoft Office documents on Google Docs, thanks to a plugin. But on my laptop, I do not use MS Office and prefer using OpenOffice which is free. I still like to save my documents on Google Docs, as when it comes to collaborative work, there is nothing better […]

Sync MS Office on multiple computers with Google Docs

When I bought a laptop, I only used Google Docs and never really bothered to get MS Office installed. After a few days, I have a desktop at home on which I have MS-Office 2007. I obviously end up using MS-Office applications to create documents when using my desktop. To access them on my laptop, […]