Google Drive Enables Editing of Documents for iPhone users

Google Drive has pretty much replaced Google Docs. One of the best features on Google Documents are the options of editing documents, leaving comments on them with the browser. Today with an update to Google Drive app, iPhone users will be allowed to edit their Google Documents. This option was already available to Android users.

Google Drive will also synchronize both iPhone and Android apps with additional features like speaker notes, full-screen mode, moving files into folders and creating new folders.

Personally, I have been using Dropbox, but lately with options to download my Gmail attachments in Google Drive, I find it quite handy. These new features might give Google Drive a bigger edge.

In the next few months, we should start seeing tablets running on Windows 8 and Office 2013, leveraging SkyDrive storage from Microsoft. This will probably mean, Google will make more announcements and upgrades to make sure they remain ahead of whatever Microsoft throws at them. I guess it is a good time to be a consumer.

Video of new updates to Google Drive

So if you are using Google Drive on your iPhone/iPad or Android based phone and tablet, go ahead and update your app for getting the new features.

Link: Google Drive for iPhone | Android

How to Enable Offline Editing for Google Docs

Google Docs is a great service. At work, we often use it to collaborate on different ideas and plans. The only real problem with Google Docs was we could not really access them offline.

Google Docs now has the option of being available for editing in offline mode.

How to Set up Offline Docs

Google Docs as you might know has become Google Drive. That means all your Google Documents and spread sheets are part of Google Drive.

Log into your Google account and access your Google Drive on the browser. Click on the settings icon and from the drop down menu click on “Set up Docs offline”.

Now make sure you have the Google Drive web app installed on your Chrome browser. Click on “Enable offline Docs” button and your documents are made available offline.

Unfortunately, the offline feature works only on the Chrome browser.

Enable Offline Docs on Google Apps

If you have Google Apps for your organization then you might want to offline docs for your Google Apps account.

Simply go over to the admin panel if you are the admin. Under services select Drive and Docs.

A new option with title Offline allows you to check a box. Check it and click on Save. This should enable your Google Apps account users to enable their accounts to get offline docs.

A Boost of Chrome OS

Having the ability to edit documents offline is extremely useful not just for regular Google Docs users but also for Chromebook owners. Chromebooks run on Chrome OS, which did not have much offline functionality.

It should also give Chrome OS a lot more acceptability in time to come. What would be interesting is how Microsoft reacts as they pretty much have a stranglehold on the Office Enterprise software market and earn considerable revenues from Microsoft Office.

A lot of users who do not exactly want the entire Microsoft Office suite of desktop applications could potentially move over to Google.

Google Drive can also be accessed on Android, iPhone/iPad and desktops versions.

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Insync: Sync Google Docs On All Your Devices

Almost a month ago, I wrote about KumoSync, a software that syncs folders and files from your computer onto Google Docs. This works well to backup files to Google Docs, which in turns acts as cloud storage.

With InSync, one can download all your Google Docs Folders and files onto your computer and sync them on any other computer you have. This includes Windows and Mac OS X while a Linux version is expected soon.


InSync Features

  • Simply visit the InSync website and download the software.
  • Sign-in to your Google credentials into the software. This will open a page on your browser which shows all the files that are being synced from Google Docs to your computer.
  • If you have another computer at work, install InSync software and use the same Google account to show store all the files on the second computer.
  • This way you can use edit documents on either of the 2 computers or even from Google Docs directly and have them perfectly in sync with each other.

Why Not Use DropBox instead?

I love using Dropbox to synchronize documents and photos from one computer to another. Get a new computer, just use Dropbox to all your important files back. But Dropbox does not seem to support Google Docs, and that is where I found InSync a lot more interesting.

Ofcourse the advantage with Dropbox is that it does not tie you down to a Google account.

Do try out InSync and drop in your comments.

Link: InSync

Sync Folders on Windows with Google Docs


Now a days, people tend to use more than a one platform and device to access their files. I do not like using Microsoft Office and actually prefer using Google Docs. Lately, I have started using Open Office to create documents and sync them with Dropbox.

But what if you want to sync a file or folder from your Windows computer with Google Docs. If you are using MS Word, then KumoSync will be a useful software.

Features of KumoSync

  • Download and Install KumoSync software on your Windows OS. It works on Windows Xp/Vista and Windows 7.
  • Add your Google Account details along with mapping your folders from your Windows computer.


  • Ideally move some files you want to sync with Google Docs in the folder and synchronization process starts.
  • The functionality is quite impressive, as every time I made some changes to a file and saved it, the sync process started automatically.

KumoSync does work perfect to sync folders but incase you want to synchronize individual documents then check this article on how to sync MS Office documents on multiple computers with Google Docs.

Do try out KumoSync and drop in your comments.

Link: KumoSync 

[Video] Give Access to Only Leave Comments on Google Docs

Google Docs is one of my favourite ways to co-ordinate work with colleagues. Sharing and allowing people to work on a document in real-time is a great idea. Recently, Google is allowing only giving access to commenting on a document you share.

This is useful when you want some users and their opinion but do not want to grant them rights to make changes themselves.


  • Just open the document you have on Google Docs which you want to share.
  • Click on Share and add the people want to share the document with.
  • Now select a new option ‘Can comment’ and click on ‘Done’.

Here is a video I made on how to only allowing comments while sharing a document.

Do drop in your comments and view.

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Google Docs Allows Looking Up Contents of RAR and ZIP Files

If you are using Gmail, chances are you aware that up to 15 different types of files which are attached to an email, can be looked up without the need to download them.

This is useful, as it saves space and also from a security point of view the file is opened online and not on your computer. Today Google announced, that it was added support for .RAR and .ZIP files.

To check the contents within a .zip or .rar file, click on View as seen in image below.


All the contents can be seen listed and the best part of it is we can download the individual file or open in online on Google Docs if it is supported by Google Docs.


It is important for Google Docs to support as many different types of files as possible so that users can find it comfortable using their Chromebooks which does not have any software installed on it but is a OS which is more or less a browser.

Drop drop in your comments.

How to Connect Your Google Docs with

OpenOffice_GoogleDocsI had recently written about storing your Microsoft Office documents on Google Docs, thanks to a plugin. But on my laptop, I do not use MS Office and prefer using OpenOffice which is free. I still like to save my documents on Google Docs, as when it comes to collaborative work, there is nothing better than Google Docs. 2 GoogleDocs is useful to import or export files between Google Docs and OpenOffice.

OpenOffice 2 Google Docs Features

  • Firstly, download the plugin on your computer from link below. Now run the file which installs a add-on for OpenOffice on your computer.
  • Then start OpenOffice software on your computer and you should see a new add-on installed on it.


  • Just import any file from Google Docs to OpenOffice by clicking on the Import from Google Docs options.
  • It has a helpful feature which shows all your Google Docs in a list for users to either download or open via a browser (see image below).


  • Similarly, we can export the document on Google Docs by saving the document and updating it. Just make sure that the credentials of Google are complete, as in users need to insert “@gmail” after as shown in the image below.


  • Subsequently, you can also choose to auto-update your document. 🙂

If you are using OpenOffice and Google Docs, do give it a try. Do drop in your comments.

Link: OpenOffice.org2GoogleDocs

Get Notified on Your Desktop When Google Docs are Updated

Since over a year I hardly use anything but Google Docs. Also at my work-place, we all use Google Docs, and that means I do end up having a lot of documents to keep track. This is not easy as most documents are collaborative efforts and you can lose track of newer updates carried out by others.

One issue is how to keep track of all the Docs which are shared with my colleagues. Google Docs Notifier is a desktop tool which sends you notifications every time a document is updated.

Google Docs Notifier Features

  • This is a free software which works with Windows XP, Windows Vista and the latest Windows 7.
  • Just log in with your Google credentials into the program and it keeps tracks of the Google Docs being updated.
  • When a document is updated it gives you a desktop notification along with info on the person who made those changes.
  • The Notifier also shows all unread or unviewed documents.


In case you are not using Discussion on Google Docs then I would recommend using Google Docs Notifier. It seems to be quite useful. Do drop in your comments.

Link: Google Docs Notifier

Google Docs adds Discussions feature: Works like a ticketing system!

Google_docs_logoWhen it comes to using a word processor, I do not even have MS Office on my laptop. I only use Google Docs, if I ever want to create documents. One reason why I like Google Docs so much, is that I can share these documents with my colleagues. It also allows me to chat with them on the side, and see them typing or making changes live. This makes Google Docs one heck of a collaborative tool.  Well now things are getting better with a new feature on called “Discussions”. 🙂

What does Discussions bring to Google Docs?

  • Firstly, Discussion can be inserted in the documents and we can notify anyone someone about it through email. See image below on how the discussion can be started. While you are looking up a document, click on the new Discussion tab on the top right.


  • Just type in @username, and most times the email id will auto-populate. Now an email notification is sent to the person you have started a discussion.
  • The person you are collaborating with can reply to your discussion via email or even on the document, if you are sharing it with that person.
  • This is truly collaborative in a way, because it allows discussions to be “Resolved” instead of being deleted. This means we can use Discussions like a ticketing system.
  • For example, if I am stuck with something on a document, I can raise the ticket for my colleague to resolve it through Discussions. (see image below)


Here is a video created by Google, to showcase Discussions on Google Docs.

Do try out Discussion in Google Docs, and drop in your comments and views.

Link: Google Docs

Source: Google Blog

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Sync MS Office on multiple computers with Google Docs

When I bought a laptop, I only used Google Docs and never really bothered to get MS Office installed. After a few days, I have a desktop at home on which I have MS-Office 2007. I obviously end up using MS-Office applications to create documents when using my desktop. To access them on my laptop, I end up uploading these files to Google Docs so I can use them on my laptop. I know it is a little complicated but Google had made life a lot more easy with their latest plugin. 🙂


How to use Google Cloud Connect with MS Office

  • This plugin works with MS Office 2007 onwards. Download it from this link and open a MS Office document.
  • The document once open will prompt you to connect that file to Google Docs (see image below).


  • Once you click on ‘Login’ just enter your Google username and password. The plugin allows both manual and automatic synchronization with Google Docs.
  • The synced document is also available on Google Docs.

Google Cloud Connect Video

The video is a good demo that shows how the plugin works.

Try out Google Cloud connect and synchronize MS Office from different computers. Do drop in your comments.

Link: Google Cloud Connect