Share folders with Google Docs.

Google Docs has introduced a lot of new features in the past few weeks with translation tools for documents and translate function with  spreadsheets. Google Docs yesterday added a new feature and that is sharing of Folders. 🙂


  • You can share a folder in Google Docs with others who have a Google account.
  • All the files in that folder are available to the person with whom you are sharing the folder with.
  • This is a bit like bulk sharing of files. It makes life easy because you don’t have to share files one by one.

This makes Google Docs an even better collaborative too. For instance you are a team of 5 working on different documents which you do not want to share with others unless work is completed. Once a document is completed all 5 in the team could just drop their files into the folder and all the files would be automatically accessible to everyone with whom the folder is being shared with.

With the launch of Chrome OS and Google Wave coming closer by the day, we can expect a lot of different features and improvements with Google Docs in the days to come. If you are using Google, it seems interesting times lie ahead. 🙂