1 in 6 page views in UK are Facebook!

Facebook is still finding it difficult to become a truly money minting machine but when it comes to growth they have surely hit the jackpot. According to Hitwise reports, some page on Facebook is viewed once in every six pages viewed. This is because the traffic to Facebook from UK includes 16.73%.

Here are some stats from Hitwise.

  • As the numbers clearly show Facebook shows 16.73%. This is almost twice as many page views more than Google UK which is at 8.22%.
  • It has been always been assumed that people spend their time looking for thing online and this is what made search engines so popular. Social networks were never ever in that space except now with Facebook which is really grabbing the attention of internet users.
  • The growth of Facebook‘s share of total percentage of the Page Views in UK has grown exponentially. Just look at the image below.

So why do you think this is happening? Do people spend more time chatting and meeting their online friends more than they look for stuff up online? It sure look like it. Do drop in your comments.

One Comment

Kapil August 12, 2010

Hmmm….If Facebook can find something like Google had ads under their umbrella, it will be centillion dollar baby! šŸ˜‰