7 Things I Hate About Facebook Pages

‘Facebook Pages’, the best way to interact with your brand or business fans and people who likes the same stuff as you does. But there are few things which people (and I personally) don’t like about these facebook pages. Though the positive things are more in these pages and the world is using it but still these are not the best and requires some changes some of which are a necessity. Below are the seven things that I don’t like about these pages but don’t forget to tell us what do you like or dislike about them. πŸ˜‰

No option for editing page title:

This is seriously one of the worst thing about a Facebook pages. After creating a page, you can never ever edit the title again. And if it’s important then all you can do is to create a new page with a new name. πŸ™ And not only pages, it’s not easy to change your profile name either. You have to submit a request for a name change which seriously sux and Facebook is still full of fake profiles. That’s the reason why our official Facebook page is still FacebooKnol instead of FbKnol. You can check the screenshot below that there’s no option for changing the name.

Cannot Comment using your own profile:

Another weird feature by Facebook, you can never ever comment on your own page with your own public profile. The comments on your page will be published as the page’s name not your own profile. However for liking, it will use your original profile. I think there should be an option of commenting using both the profiles or publish it using your own public profile with some text attached to it like ‘admin’ or something. This will also help the fans to contact the administrator of the page.

‘Remove from my page favourite’ option missing:

Adding a page to my page favourite a good feature for facebook pages where you can connect your Facebook pages (that you admin) together with other pages so that fans can find the similar pages of their interest. But this feature is damn typical to use and that’s all because of the missing ‘Remove from my page favourite’ for the admin.

Confused? well let me explain that you. Suppose I want to remove ‘WpVeda’ page as a ‘Favorite page’ from Facebooknol’s page. Then I have no option of doing that from Facebooknol’s page. I have to visit the WpVeda page to remove it from Facebooknol’s page. The looks simpler but trust me, this is one of the most searched topics related to Facebook Pages.

Don’t worry if you are still confused cuz you’ll get a separate post for this soon. πŸ˜‰

‘Suggest to friends’ good but time-consuming feature:

‘Suggest to Friends’, the most efficient way to get new fans for your pages. But this feature is damn time-consuming if you have many friends on Facebook i.e more than 300-400 as you have to tick each friend manually to suggest the page.Β  πŸ™

Solution: Well solution to this problem is quite simple. All you need is a separate list for all your friends. Create a new facebook list and put all your friends in it, Then while suggesting it to friends use filter to select the list and click on select all option. πŸ™‚

Cannot see all the fans of a page:

Earlier this option was there, but now you cannot see all the fans of a particular page. Now you can only see the fans of pages that you admin, else there will be only 6 random fans and you cannot see them all. ‘See All’ features was a good one specially when you have to find a particular person from a page but unfortunately that feature no longer exists. πŸ™

Blocking from publishing rights:

You create a page, manage it, gather new fans and publish relevant content. But one day you get a mail from Facebook that you cannot publish anything from now on that page unless and until you confirm that Page’s affiliation with the brand, company, person, or entity that it represents. This thing really sux and if facebook is really serious about the fake pages then why don’t they take this step little earlier? i.e when a user create such pages. Again one of the most discussed topic on the discussion board.

No notification for comment left on your facebook pages’ wall (or posts):

Last but not the least. This is one of the most required feature for Facebook pages to get a mail or notification when someone comments or post something on wall or publish a photo on the pages that you admin. This feature will also help the admins and facebook to reduce advertising/spamming. Also if this feature was there, fans will get to know if someone has replied to their comments. Few people have started using third-party applications which is not at all that user friends and most of the times they don’t work. Lets hope for the best that they will launch this feature as soon as possible. To view such applications and related posts discussion board click here.

Now that was my list of seven things that I hate about Facebook pages and these seven missing features seriously sux. But all we want to know is that whatΒ  do you think about the Facebook Pages and is there’s anything that we have missed in this list? πŸ˜‰


Vivek August 11, 2010

The worst one is the first one. Its easy to delete a freshly created page and create a new one but problems occur when you have a good fan base. No option other than to stick with it.

Sauravjit August 11, 2010

Exactly, and even the last point of no notification for comments and wall posts. πŸ™

Vivek August 11, 2010

Yep. That is a bugger too. I was expecting these all would get rectified in the next version but the upcoming changes list doesn’t seem promising enough.

jaganmangat August 19, 2010

all the things you listed are true,i too hate much of them like we can’t see all fans,no notifications for comments on posts where you commented etc.

islam salem May 28, 2011

its disgusting matters from facbook, all these restriction for users, so why i compelled to deal with, i will used another site.