10 Firefox shortcuts you must know!

In this post I am listing the best shortcuts in Firefox to make your browsing experience better. 🙂

  1. Auto complete domain extensions:
    You must be knowing the shortcut (Ctrl+Enter) for automatically adding ‘.com’ at the end of every name you enter in address bar. But what about ‘.net’ and ‘.org’ domains? Its shortcuts are here-
    ‘.net’ shortcut-> Shift+Enter
    ‘.org’ shortcut->  Ctrl+Shift+Enter
    ‘.com’ shortcut-> Ctrl+Enter
  2. Bookmark an address:
    Just press Ctrl+D to bookmark a web address into a your favorite links folder.
  3. Opening/Closing a tab:
    You must have noticed that Firefox has a unique advantage of tabbed browsing, i.e. you can open new links on new tabs instead of new windows. To open or close new tabs, the shortcuts are:
    Open-> Ctrl+T
    Close-> Ctrl+W
  4. Opening last closed tab:
    For instance I opened 20-25 tabs at a time on a single window, and I happen to accidentally close some tabs. So the shortcut to open the last closed tab is Ctrl+Shift+T
  5. Opening link on new tab:
    This shortcut will be really useful when you find some links on the tab you are browsing, and want to open them on a new tab. Usually you must be doing this by right clicking on the link and using ‘Open link in new tab’ option. But the shortcut to do this is, just place your mouse pointer over the link and click the middle button of your mouse.
    As pointed out by Darshan–>
    Laptop users need to hold “Ctrl” button and click on a link to open it on a new tab.
  6. Closing a tab using mouse:
    Another good use of middle button of your mouse is to close tabs. Just place your mouse cursor over the tab you want to close and hit the middle button of your mouse. If you don’t know this shortcut, you must be closing tabs by right clicking on the tab and making use of ‘close tab’ option.
  7. Browsing tabs:
    To browse tabs or moving them back or forward, just use this shortcut:
    Move to next tab->       Ctrl+PageDown
    Move to previous tab-> Ctrl+PageUp
  8. Navigating directly from last tab to first tab:
    Say for example, you are on the 4th tab of a window and want to navigate to 1st tab, then use the following shortcut:
    Ctrl+1 or Ctrl+(Nos. from 1-9)
  9. Scrolling a window:
    If you want to scroll your firefox window up and down, then here are the shortcuts:
    Scroll Down-> Spacebar
    Scroll Up->      Shift+Spacebar
  10. Closing Firefox window:
    Don’t know whether you must be knowing the above shortcuts or not. But you must be aware of this shortcut for sure. 🙂
    Close all tabs or the window-> Alt+F4

So, the above listed shortcuts of Firefox are my secret behind a great firefox browing experience. You too may use them to utilize Firefox fully and enjoy a hassle free browsing. 🙂

Thank you Darshan for updating us about the trick 🙂


p@r@noid November 8, 2008

How about CTRl+SHFT+DEL Very Important for your online Securtiy if u use Shared pc!!!!

Deepak Jain November 8, 2008

Yep.. 1 more I forgot to mention about 😛
Well its not needed on personal PCs..

Pavan Kumar November 8, 2008


Point “4” – Its Ctrl+Shift+T and not Tab

Deepak Jain November 8, 2008

@Pavan Kumar
Thanks for pointing out the error. It’s been corrected now 🙂

Quakeboy November 9, 2008

Amazing article…especially didn’t know the middle mouse button stuff..

Digging it right away !

Deepak Jain November 10, 2008

You are welcome to welcome to DW buddy 🙂

Morphasella April 6, 2010

to close 1 tab. ctrl+w

palPalani June 24, 2010

#7 To browse tabs or moving them back or forward, just use this shortcut:
Move to next tab-> Ctrl+Tab
Move to previous tab-> Ctrl+Shift+Tab