Now schedule events from your Orkut Profile; New feature!

Approximately a month ago, Gaurav Dua mentioned on his blog that:
Orkut is going to introduce few more features in the coming days including ‘event’ feature, and it is so. Last afternoon when I logged into my Orkut profile I saw this option in my profile as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

Well, I guess by now this feature must be available in everyone’s profile (as my profile gets all new feature at last). ๐Ÿ™‚ But what is it all about?ย  I tried doing some research using this new feature, and I am going to say you all what I could do out of this thing..

Though I did not find this feature much useful, still I gave it a try. Immediately after hitting the ‘events’ button on the left sidebar of my homepage, I got a form to fill and I did so by entering one of my friend’s birth day and also invited some of my friends too, to attend the event. Guess all the invitees have got an invitation and have an option either to accept, reject or choose the option ‘may be attending’ for the invitation sent to them.

even option2

Well many things done and said, but it matter not how much features Orkut introduces, but what matters is how useful are those feature..? You too give it a try and let us know, personally how useful did you find this feature.

Thanks Arjun for your tip ๐Ÿ™‚


Rampy November 8, 2008

They are introducing lot of features, but need to see, how useful they will be. From Google atleast I did not expect duplication of Gadgets (applications) in orkut.
Apart, this events feature is not integrated with Google Calendar. Maintaining data on both apps is pain. They might integrate it, for thats what has Google been all about. But, that is when this feature will get more worth.

p@r@noid November 8, 2008

I Think This Feature is unique( correct me if I’m wrong) as no other social Bookmarking site has implemented it apart from orkut…and there are many things we can do….!!!
Specially good for Bloggers who have a great fan count in their frd list…….we can Inform them about something Big is about to take place in our blogs…..

Deepak Jain November 8, 2008

Other than Orkut and Facebook, I rarely use any other socail networking sites.
I guess such kinda feature is not yet available on Facebook.

p@r@noid November 9, 2008

@ Deepak Try Myspace Its cool….!!You Mite love it..!!!

Read This

Deepak Jain November 9, 2008

Will surely give it a try ๐Ÿ™‚

shrish March 3, 2009

it is amazing very good i like it