10 Reasons Why Blogger Can Ban Your Blog

plI got a lot of emails telling that Blogger Team deleted their blog without even giving them a single warning and without telling them the reason also. Prevention is better than cure, so its better to avoid some mistakes while creating a new blog. Here are some instruction for you, that you must follow in order to not to get ban from Blogger

  1. Pirated Stuff : Do not ever create a blog on pirated stuff like illegal software, cracks. Even giving links to download movies and games may lead to permanent ban.
  2. Porn Content : You Blog should not contain any type of porn content like images, videos etc
  3. Virus : Always download templates/themes for your blog from trusted websites. If your blog tries to install a virus, malware, spyware into visitors system, you will loose your blog forever.
  4. Spamming : Do not spam. By spamming I mean to say do not write same comments on different blogs. Do not spam on Social networking websites like Orkut, Facebook etc.
  5. Crude Content : Do not post graphics that can upset your readers i.e images of accident, behead videos etc.
  6. Threatening : If you threaten others through your blog, it may lead to immediate blog.
  7. Copying Content : Copying content from other sites will lead to permanent ban. So be careful. If you want, you can write a summary of the post in different words and then give the link to the original source.
  8. Linking to Porn : Even putting a link to any porn site will make your blog ban no matter if that link is no-follow or do-follow.
  9. Linking to Warez : Linking to warez or those website that promotes pirated stuff will get your blog deleted by Blogger Team
  10. Hate Content : You may get your blog ban by writing hatred or violent content also.

Source : Blogger Content Policy

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sonali sen February 26, 2010

its really good and informative site. thanks

Hitesh March 6, 2010

i thought even for posting these kinda content you have be reported before they delete your blog………

though my .co.uk blog was deleted because of too many out going link…..no porn or etc.plz……but wat’s up with those people…..if i write sponsored reviews on my blog…..????

Ramkumar April 5, 2010

Piracy and porno still do exist in Blogger accounts, Try for xxx passwords, you will get a bunch of blogger accounts with such contents.

RRikesh April 28, 2010

Adult Content is authorized on Blogger. you just have to specify it in your settings. Any user will then get a warning message before entering the blog.