Give your suggestions and feedback about blogger in Google Moderator page.

Blogger has  launched a Template designer in Blogger drafts. Now they are accepting Blogger feature requests and feedback to improve blogger. I think Blogger is really worried about Bloger to WordPress migration and even our own Harsh and rtCamp together  have launched Blogger To WordPress Migration Professional Service which makes thing even hotter!! Here’s the screenshot […]

Blogger allows creating pages: Will it stem the migration to WordPress?

A lot of bloggers using Blogspot will now heave a sign of relief as now they have the option of creating pages just like the way you can create pages while using WordPress. One of the main reasons for a lot of people to use WordPress has been the option of creating static pages. This […]

New Website Translator Widget from Google

People from all over the world can access your site. Although most of them will be comfortable with the default language of your website, be it English or any other, its always possible that someone might want to view it in their own language. Of course they can go to the Google translate site and do the needful, but wouldn’t it be better if you provided that facility in your website itself, as a widget?

Add tweetmeme/ Retweet button in your blogger blog

Recently Devilsworkshop has added a very important ‘tweetmeme’ button which you can see with every post. After using this button, I thought of installing it in my blog which is hosted on (blogspot). Unfortunately there’s no direct widget which can be used for blogger but you can still use it in your blog, just […]

10 reasons why people still love blogger

We all know that most of the bloggers have now switched to or better we say a self hosted blog as their blogger platform but still many bloggers use for blogging. Obviously a self hosted blog is much better in terms of SEO, blog ranking e.t.c. But there are few reasons why people […]

Top 10 Most Wanted Magazine Style Blogger Templates

Blogger is one of my favorite free blogging platform. It has helped me a lot to understand the term “blogging”. I, myself used Blogger for than a year and designed few templates also. I had a very good experience with it. My today’s post focuses on Blogger and I am going to share Top 10 […]