3 Software to Download Wallpapers in Bulk

A good Wallpaper really brings freshness to a desktop, but the problem is it takes time to browse, select and download them. Don’t worry, there are few ways to download wallpapers in bulk. I want to share 3 software which do gets the job done.

#1. Pulse

Windows Vista/7 users can download Wallpapers in bulk using Pulse.  It’s a freeware app which downloads wallpapers based on your keywords. It uses ReWalls (as it’s a Russian site, please use Google translate for English version of it) as wallpapers resource but I’m sure it will support many more sites in the future. You can also set the app to change wallpaper for every minute, hour or so. If you don’t like the Wallpaper set by Pulse, then you can replace it with the next one. It’s still in beta, so don’t panic, you may find some bugs.

It Works fine on Windows 7 and Vista. I’ve personally tried it on my Windows XP desktop, it downloads wallpapers without fail but doesn’t set them.

Link: Download Pulse

#2. Natgeo Wallpaper Downloader

Here comes another freeware app known as Natgeo Wallpaper downloader, as the name suggests, it can only download wallpapers from Natgeo, but as you know Natgeo is a very good resource for wallpapers (More than 5000 Wallpapers are available for download). Unlike Pulse, you don’t need to type the keyword, instead you can select any category. You can also select the resolution of the Wallpapers.

If you’re running XP, for changing Wallpapers automatically you can use Wallpaper changer Power toy.

Link: Download Natgeo Wallpaper Downloader | Download Wallpaper Changer Power toy

#3. DownThemAll!

I’m not much of a Firefox fan, but if I want to download images in bulk, then I use Firefox. DownThemAll! is a very popular Firefox add-on, When you run it (through right-click context menu), it shows all the links, images and videos available to download from that page. So, if all you want is images, then filter the selections using image extensions (JPEG, PNG etc). Unfortunately, I couldn’t find an alternative for Chrome.

Do you know any other way to download images in bulk? Also, if you know any Downthemall! alternative for Chrome, please let us know!


Giridhar May 18, 2011

2 more softwares plz

Techno May 18, 2011

I usually went to sites like http://www.dl4all.com for downloading wallpaper packs ( bulk wallpapers ).

Thanks for sharing those softwares.

Pavan Somu June 25, 2012

Is there any alternate to DownThemAll for Google Chrome.