[Windows Tip] Get Notified When Any Program Registers Itself to Run at System Startup

The one issue with installing a new software is that very often it automatically registers itself to Run during system start-up. I personally do not like this as at times it can really slow down my computer.  Many of these applications, register themselves without notifying the users.

There is a discreet application which does exactly that. It keeps an eye on all the programs that register themselves to run during Windows Start-up.

Download and Install StartUp Eye a free software. Run the software to allow it to Run at Start up and play up an alarm whenever there are changes in the registry for Windows start-up.

I tested it out by changing the settings of Skype to run during start-up and sure enough I got a pop-up warning me about changes.


Why having lesser applications run during start-up?

The lesser the applications run during system start-up, lesser resources of the computer are used. It also speeds up the start-up time for the computer.

Another reasons is a lot of a programs that run in the background during start-up can end up consuming more resources. If you are using a laptop like I do, it can end up taking time off your battery.

Ideally only critical software is needed to run during start-up like anti-virus and firewall applications.

You might want to check this simple tutorial on how to go about removing applications running during Windows start-up.

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Link: StartUp Eye

Free Software to Resize Images in Bulk

When I use my camera to take pictures, I often find that the images are far too large to be shared on social media websites. Most times I ended up resizing these images individually. Recently, I found a useful free software called Photo Magician which helps resize images in a batch within no time.

Photo Magician Features

  • The software is a free and can be downloaded from Softpedia. Once you install the software simply add the folder which contain the photos that need resizing.
  • I could even specify which folder the resized images went into.


  • I found it very convenient that I could even set the default file-type, I wanted to convert my photos into.
  • I could choose to overwrite the original images or exclude certain images which were smaller in size.
  • Also another nice feature converting all the images into ‘Grey Scale’ or ‘Rotate’ them all in bulk.
  • Finally once the photos were converted, I could directly share them on Facebook or upload it to a FTP server from the software itself.
I tried Photo Magician on Windows 7 and it does support XP and Vista too. Try it out and do drop in your comments.

Link: Photo Magician

Create Multiple Desktops Spaces on Windows

nSpaces_SwitcherWindows does not have an inbuilt feature to create multiple desktops. This is quite useful when you want to have a cleaner desktop while working.

For example shortcuts to all games could be on one desktop layout while all browser shortcuts on another.

I came across this software, which allows users to create and switch between multiple Desktops. Also users can customize the desktops with different wallpapers and icons.

Features of nSpaces Multiple Desktop

  • Install the software and start customizing new desktops. The software allows creating up to 4 desktops.
  • I found that I could customize the wallpaper, apps, shortcuts and background colour.
  • Navigating from one desktop to another can be done with keyboard shortcuts. Even these HotKeys can be customized further.
  • When the desktop space is changed, it behaves like a completely new desktop. Even the browsers have to be synced again.


So if you are looking for cleaner and more organized desktop, nSpaces will be a good idea to create multiple desktops.

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Link: Download nSpaces

Click.to – Easy Sharing and Integration with all Apps

Click.to- One click to your Favorite app

Click.to makes it easy to share tidbits of text or even images using your favorite app/service. While surfing the web, I come across lots of interesting stuff and if I want to share it, I need to login to the specific service and do it, be it Facebook, Twitter or even Gmail.

With Click.to you can share things in very less time using the same service you were using before, this will save you a lot of clicks. Click.to integrates with almost any app, including some favorite services like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and many more.

Features of Click.to

  • Share text/image by just selecting it and pressing Ctrl+C.
Click.to services
  • Click.to integrates with almost any app, if you can’t find your favorite app in the list.
  • Apart from sharing it can also perform web actions, for example if you click on the Google icon after selecting the text, it will display the search results for the selected text.
  • You can also create customized web actions using the user manual.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Pretty innovative idea, must have for people who use multiple browsers as you don’t need to install sharing plugins (Shareaholic etc) on each browser.

Cons: It needs to be polished in a few aspects like if you’re sharing text using Twitter option of Click.to, you can’t edit the tweet, that’s annoying. It is a bit resource hungry too!

Click.to Demo

Click.to currently supports only Windows. Try out Click.to and drop your opinions.

Link: Click.to

Download Songs from Grooveshark using GrooveDown [Updated]


Grooveshark, the popular music, radio streaming service doesn’t have an inbuilt feature to download songs.

Unlike YouTube video downloaders, there are not many Grooveshark downloaders available. GrooveDown, a freeware tool can solve this problem.

Features of GrooveDown

  • Search songs using the built in search feature (If you have no idea of what to search then take a look at the Popular songs from the Tools menu).
  • The Search list tab displays the search results, double-click a search result to add it to Download list.
  • Under Download list tab, click Download to start downloading the selected songs.
  • You can change the Download folder from the default folder to any place of your choice using Settings menu.

groovedown 1

Pros and Cons

Pros: No installation needed, so it’s portable. The relevancy of the search results is also good.

Cons: The log with time stamp (below the search bar) is not needed, it just adds to the interface clutter.

Is it Legal?

Nope, it’s not. Grooveshark clearly states in its TOS that the music should be streamed not downloaded (source)! Although, the developer of GrooveDown claims that downloading from Grooveshark is not illegal unless and until you share it (source). But still many doubt the TOS of GrooveDown, as it’s not professional and also it’s against the TOS of Grooveshark.

In short, if you want to support Grooveshark then don’t use GrooveDown.

Do drop in your comments.

Link: GrooveDown

[Software] Open Any Type of File with Free Opener

clearFreeOpenerFree Opener is a Freeware tool which can open most of the files, to be specific it supports 70+ different file formats. It’s extremely useful for me, as I’m an download junkie and my downloads folder gets clogged up with files of different formats.

Certainly I don’t like to download all the software which are used to view the respective files.

With Free Opener, I don’t need to download any other extra software to open rare file formats. The software’s idea is very innovative and it just does what it promises! Let’s take a view at its features.

free opener

Free Opener’s Features

  1. Supports 70+ different file formats including some rare formats like .vcf, .srt, .sql and more!
  2. Also opens Bit Torrent files (.torrent) and shows the files that can be downloaded through it.
  3. Free Opener can only open files, it cannot edit them*.
  4. You can print .pdf files and can also print preview them.

*It can extract compressed file formats like .rar, .zip, .7z etc

It does not support E-book formats like .epub which is disappointing. I’m sure that you cannot use this as a default file viewer but this software is a must have.

Drop in your opinions after trying this tool!

Link: Download Free Opener

3 Great Add-ons to Enhance CCleaner

CCleaner is the most preferred system junk cleaner and one of the top reasons is its features can be extended using 3rd party Add-ons. These Add-ons can make CCleaner less annoying and even these are portable. Here’s a list of the 3rd party Add-ons for CCleaner which are worth checking!

#1. Click and Clean


In CCleaner, to delete browser junk (cache,cookies etc), you need to close the browser but with Click and Clean browser extension installed you can delete your browser cache, history etc when it’s running. It’s also available as a desktop application. Its desktop application looks pointless to me, because it does nothing except removing prompts while cleaning the junk with CCleaner. The browser extension works with IE, Firefox and Chrome.

Link: Download Click and Clean

#2. CCEnhancer

ccleaner 1

Generally, CCleaner doesn’t support cleaning junk from 3rd party applications (excluding browsers and Adobe flash) but with CCenhancer you can delete temporary files, logs created by over 500 3rd party applications and thus you can gain more disk space! 😉 The program is updated with new rules regularly so make sure you run the downloader occasionally.

Link: Download CCEnhancer

#3. CC Auto Updater


With CC Auto Updater you can automatically update all Piriform softwares installed on your system including CCleaner, Recuva, Defraggler and Speccy. You can either add to system startup or even specify date and time to schedule the updates. As Piriform updates CCleaner regularly this tool might come handy for Piriform fans. It doesn’t install on Windows XP SP2 but hopefully it supports Windows XP (SP1 and SP3), Vista and 7.

Link: Download CC Auto Updater

So, have you tried these tools? What’s your favorite pick? Tell us through the comments section!

3 Software to Download Wallpapers in Bulk

A good Wallpaper really brings freshness to a desktop, but the problem is it takes time to browse, select and download them. Don’t worry, there are few ways to download wallpapers in bulk. I want to share 3 software which do gets the job done.

#1. Pulse

Windows Vista/7 users can download Wallpapers in bulk using Pulse.  It’s a freeware app which downloads wallpapers based on your keywords. It uses ReWalls (as it’s a Russian site, please use Google translate for English version of it) as wallpapers resource but I’m sure it will support many more sites in the future. You can also set the app to change wallpaper for every minute, hour or so. If you don’t like the Wallpaper set by Pulse, then you can replace it with the next one. It’s still in beta, so don’t panic, you may find some bugs.

It Works fine on Windows 7 and Vista. I’ve personally tried it on my Windows XP desktop, it downloads wallpapers without fail but doesn’t set them.

Link: Download Pulse

#2. Natgeo Wallpaper Downloader

Here comes another freeware app known as Natgeo Wallpaper downloader, as the name suggests, it can only download wallpapers from Natgeo, but as you know Natgeo is a very good resource for wallpapers (More than 5000 Wallpapers are available for download). Unlike Pulse, you don’t need to type the keyword, instead you can select any category. You can also select the resolution of the Wallpapers.

If you’re running XP, for changing Wallpapers automatically you can use Wallpaper changer Power toy.

Link: Download Natgeo Wallpaper Downloader | Download Wallpaper Changer Power toy

#3. DownThemAll!

I’m not much of a Firefox fan, but if I want to download images in bulk, then I use Firefox. DownThemAll! is a very popular Firefox add-on, When you run it (through right-click context menu), it shows all the links, images and videos available to download from that page. So, if all you want is images, then filter the selections using image extensions (JPEG, PNG etc). Unfortunately, I couldn’t find an alternative for Chrome.

Do you know any other way to download images in bulk? Also, if you know any Downthemall! alternative for Chrome, please let us know!

Download All Free Web Apps You Need From One Place! [All My Apps]

As a web user, there is a good chance that you have more than a handful of apps on your computer. I like installing and checking up on new apps all the time. Sometimes the problem is, we can lose track of all the apps that are out there.


I find All My Apps, a useful website because I can look up all free and paid apps online in one single place.

All My Apps Features

  • The apps are all arranged neatly under different categories like web, office, games, video and even development for developers.
  • A list of all the apps you need to download and install on your computer can be created within seconds (image below).


  • After registration for a free account, I could share the list of apps I chose via Twitter and Facebook. I could also share this through a widget on my blog, thanks to an embed code that is generated.
  • A helpful feature is a trending apps list which shows the apps that are now popular and new. This is a great way to keep in touch of new useful apps there might be out there.

If you are looking at a backup of all free apps you have, it will a good idea to have a list created on allmyapps and bookmark it.

Do try out All My Apps and drop in your comments.

Link: allmyapps

[Free Software] Automate File Management on Windows with Belvedere

Belvedere is a Windows-only file management tool which can really ease some of the tasks like renaming, copying, moving and deleting files. It can also manage recycle bin i.e. you can set Belvedere to delete files in recycle bin now and then. You can set rules for files based on their extensions, name, size, date created etc.

If you want your Desktop and Downloads folder to be clean, then Belvedere is a must.

Setting up rules

  • You can add unlimited number of folders to manage and you can set unlimited number of rules for those folders.
  • First you need to select some conditions based on which the files will be detected, and the rules will be acted upon it.
  • It detects file based on extension, name, date created, date modified, last opened and size and then you need to select the verb from the drop-down menu. For example, as all the downloaded songs remain on my desktop, I created the above rule (in screenshot).
  • As you can see in the screenshot there are 3 Rule options – Enabled, Confirm Action and Recursive. Tick “Enabled” to enable the rule, if you want to get a popup every time Belvedere takes action on a file, then tick “Confirm action”. Tick “Recursive” if you want Belvedere to scan inner folders or sub-directories of the folder you’re managing.

Automate Recycle bin Management

Apart from managing folder and drives, Belvedere can also clean up the Recycle Bin regularly. Just navigate to the “Recycle bin” tab and tick “Allow Belvedere to manage my recycle bin”, and then you can select the time period, you can keep anything from minutes to weeks.

Backup/Import Settings

  • Belvedere is all about making your own settings, in case if you lose them, it will be a hectic task to set the rules again! Fortunately, you can Backup and Import your settings.
  • Go to “Backup settings” in the “File” drop-down menu and there you can backup your settings to an external file through which you can import your settings as usually.
  • For proper function, it needs to be in the Windows startup, but don’t worry, it doesn’t take lots of memory nor it lags your system.

So try out Belvedere Software to have better file management in place and drop in your comments.

Link: Download Belvedere