[Windows Tip] Get Notified When Any Program Registers Itself to Run at System Startup

The one issue with installing a new software is that very often it automatically registers itself to Run during system start-up. I personally do not like this as at times it can really slow down my computer.  Many of these applications, register themselves without notifying the users. There is a discreet application which does exactly […]

Download Songs from Grooveshark using GrooveDown [Updated]

Grooveshark, the popular music, radio streaming service doesn’t have an inbuilt feature to download songs. Unlike YouTube video downloaders, there are not many Grooveshark downloaders available. GrooveDown, a freeware tool can solve this problem. Features of GrooveDown Search songs using the built in search feature (If you have no idea of what to search then […]

[Software] Open Any Type of File with Free Opener

Free Opener is a Freeware tool which can open most of the files, to be specific it supports 70+ different file formats. It’s extremely useful for me, as I’m an download junkie and my downloads folder gets clogged up with files of different formats. Certainly I don’t like to download all the software which are […]

3 Software to Download Wallpapers in Bulk

A good Wallpaper really brings freshness to a desktop, but the problem is it takes time to browse, select and download them. Don’t worry, there are few ways to download wallpapers in bulk. I want to share 3 software which do gets the job done. #1. Pulse Windows Vista/7 users can download Wallpapers in bulk […]

Download All Free Web Apps You Need From One Place! [All My Apps]

As a web user, there is a good chance that you have more than a handful of apps on your computer. I like installing and checking up on new apps all the time. Sometimes the problem is, we can lose track of all the apps that are out there. I find All My Apps, a […]