3 Working Ways To Access Blocked Facebook in Pakistan

Earlier we informed you that Facebook was banned in Pakistan and I’m sure users from Pakistan are missing surfing on their favorite social networking websites.

Here I’m sharing few ways by which they can access Facebook in Pakistan.

Proxy sites :

Proxy Sites are easiest way to gain access to Facebook. You can easily use many popular proxy sites like orkuch.com, chronobypass.info and many more. Simply do a Google search for “Working Facebook Proxies” and you can start browsing.

Ultra Surf

Ultra surf is a small and useful proxy software which will let you access any blocked site using Facebook. This is a light weight but very effective software to access Facebook in Pakistan. Here is a small tutorial on how to set up Ultra surf.


Your Freedom is another great piece of software to access Facebook in Pakistan. This software has certain limits like in every one hour you need to enter security code, to make sure you are not bot and in free version the download limit is 8 KBps. Though in case  ultra surf doesn’t work for you, this software will be a great rescue for you. You can download Your-Freedom from here.

Though it’s your choice to accept the internet censorship imposed by your Government. Somehow banning a social networking site for any reason seems brutal.

Do share any more working ways to access Facebook in Pakistan?


Usman saeed May 22, 2010

How does thnis work please i wont to acces Facebook

Schyan Zafar May 24, 2010

Harsh, I cannot thank you enough!
Ultra Surf is just awesome, and really does work!

hacker9 May 24, 2010

hey i found one new Proxy site here u can unblock ie surf without any ad banners at the top,.. normally all the proxy sites show that ,. but this one is exceptional…visit http://xerosurf.org