Maharashtra Government Blocks Facebook In Its Office

In the recent past, we have witnessed a lot of flak with regards to Facebook Banned in Pakistan . The reasons for the ban were cited as users being uploading images of Prophet Muhammad. Apparently, it was a religious issue and the authorities had to ban Facebook. But, in what seems like a funny revelation, […]

After Pakistan, Bangladesh Lifts Facebook Ban

Following the footsteps of authorities in Pakistan, Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Authority has also lifted the ban imposed on Facebook nearly a week ago. Similar to what happened in Pakistan, a number of protesters were seen on the streets in Bangladesh in last week of may, protesting against the “Everyone Draw Mohammad” day organized by a group of […]

Pakistanis Launched Facebook Rival

Pakistanis has launched much controversial Facebook rival two days back. Pakistan government has banned Facebook due to a controversial draw of Prophet Mohammed. This site is known as Millat Facebook and aims to appeal all Muslims to raise the voice against social networking giant Facebook. Last month Facebook failed to remove Prophet Mohammed’s image […]

Facebook Banned in Bangladesh

Recently we informed you that Facebook is banned in Pakistan due to a Fan page in Facebook which is letting users to upload images of Prophet Mohammed. Anyways, hackers got lots of way to access blocked Facebook soon. After Pakistan, now Bangladesh also banned Facebook for indefinite time due to publishing drawings and cartoons of […]

3 Working Ways To Access Blocked Facebook in Pakistan

Earlier we informed you that Facebook was banned in Pakistan and I’m sure users from Pakistan are missing surfing on their favorite social networking websites. Here I’m sharing few ways by which they can access Facebook in Pakistan. Proxy sites : Proxy Sites are easiest way to gain access to Facebook. You can easily use […]

Facebook Banned in Pakistan

In a sad news Facebook is banned in Pakistan as ordered by Pakistan government. Pakistani government issued a notice to Internet providers to ban Facebook. This ban was a result of a Fan page in Facebook which is letting users to upload images of Prophet Muhammad. As Islam prohibits any images of Prophet Muhammad, after few islamic lawyers won […]

How to deal with your fake/impostor facebook profile

This post is for all those Facebook users who wants to report a fake or impostor  profile. You can report any such Facebook profile that violates Facebook’s terms and conditions or Facebook’s statement of Rights and Responsibilities. There is a hair line difference between a fake and an impostor profile and here we need to […]