Top 5 Types of Facebook Users

I have come across many type of Facebooker's, some kind of love to get on other people's nerves. :) I have tried to pin point on some of them. If I missed any do tell me.

I have come across many type of Facebooker’s, some kind of love to get on other people’s nerves. πŸ™‚ I have tried to pin point on some of them. If I missed any do tell me.

  1. The Up-loader : This person has zillions of photographs to upload every single day. He goes to a park clicks grass, flower’s photo. He loves to click his shoe’s photo even other people’s shoes πŸ˜› and well here they are all uploaded through mobile, camera or anything. You have a dozen photos to go through, like or share. Imagine you are into a party with them, you come home all tired, hit the bed , next morning you get up late and open Facebook Β and you are tagged into many photos followed with lots of likes and comments, even before you know!
  2. Peeping person : You write a status update which is kind of sad, he likes it. You are happy on something, you mention, he likes it. You become friends with another guy who was from you kindergarten, he Likes it ! This guy likes and comments to almost everything you mention on your profile !
  3. The Newbie : The one person who is all unaware of Social media and Facebook. Once his profile is made he is all in love with and amazed with it. So, he cant stop himself from posting about things we think are so obvious. He will like every group, every photo and every thing possible.
  4. The Fixer : This is all so charged up with whats going wrong anywhere, what should be stopped. He is a fan of every news group and he will keep updating his status with the latest news, the latest revolution, out rage. We do need a break from those regular news don’t we ?
  5. The Gamer : This person logs into Facebook to play games. So do not be surprised when you get zillions of game invites , barn raising updates on your wall. You do love to play games but regular updates make you sick !

There are other kind of users too. Some make their profiles and vanish into thin air πŸ˜› some just login to see about other people’s activity and some just do not care ! Well many of these come into the loved class of Facebook stalkers. What kind of Facebook user are you ? Share it with me .


Murugappan February 13, 2011

Amazing post Hima! Loved it.
But I still wonderwhat kinda facebooker am I?

Himadri Dimri February 13, 2011

Thank you muru, I think you are a normal Facebooker πŸ˜‰

Mohul February 13, 2011

ha ha.. that took some bit of research I guess…
so, which kind of FB user is Himadri??

Himadri Dimri February 13, 2011

Well I guess I am the Gamer πŸ˜› what about u ?

Mohul February 13, 2011

I can be called a bit of Fixer.. mixing social responsibility with social networking! As usual.. awesome post, Ms Gamer πŸ˜‰

Himadri Dimri February 14, 2011

Thank you so much Mohul πŸ™‚