Show your New Year’s Resolution to the World with Google

All of us just love to make New Year’s resolution every year (even if we don’t feel like fulfilling them afterwards) and we love to share it with our family and friends. This year you can take it to the next level with Google’s 2013 resolutions map and share it not only with your loved ones but with the whole world. You can also read everyone else’s resolutions who shared it on Google Zeitgeist.

How to share your New Year’s Resolution on Google?

To share your Resolution open the website:


Then click “Add your 2013 resolution to the map”. Then type your Resolution in the Box #1, your Postal Code in Box #2 and select your country from the drop down list in Box #3. Finally select the category of your resolution from a drop down list on the same page. There are total 7 categories i.e. Love, Health, Career, Finance, Family, Education, Others; you can choose most suitable category for your resolution. Please note that you can share it in your native language and Google will translate it automatically in different languages depending upon the reader’s location. Once submitted, your resolution will be shared with the world in 24-48 hours.

On the same Resolution Page you can read other people’s resolution in your native language. To read a resolution rollover your mouse cursor on a dot on the world’s map and it will show a bubble with a resolution and its category.

google new year resolution 2013

You can also share your resolution with us in the comments section below. We would love to read them. 🙂

In case you are from India then don’t forget to check today’s Google homepage i.e. to see a small candle as a tribute to Delhi gang-rape victim.

Google's Tribute

May Her Soul Rest in Peace…


Creepy – Tracks Your Friends using Twitter/Flickr’s GPS Data

If you ever want to want to see what are your friends’ favorite places, where they spend most of the time, then Creepy is your best bet.

Creepy is an online tool, that makes stalking easier, it aggregates Twitter (and Flickr too) location data and shows you where the person had been.


To track a person, all you need to do is, enter his/her Twitter handle, use the search if you don’t know his Twitter ID. Wait for sometime till Creepy aggregates the location data.

In the map view tab, you can see a list of coördinates of the location where the person had been, click on an item to see the same in Google maps. You can also get the satellite view, for that, go to Creepy > Map source > select the view you want.


Note that, if the person you want to track uses Foursquare, then his check ins (in Foursquare) will appear only if he had tweeted about it. The developer could make the app better by adding Facebook as a source for location data.

There is an advantage of using this tool, as in you can actually enter your Twitter handle to see how much information you are leaking about your whereabouts.

Do drop in your comments.

Link: Creepy


Facebook overtakes MSN and becomes Britain’s Second ‘most used’ website

I think those Facebook days are coming back now! After everyone was disheartened when they listened the news that Facebook has lost 6 million users in US this may come as a breather!



According to the famous newspaper “The Telegraph“, Facebook has beaten MSN and is now the second most used website in Britain. Almost 27 million Britons were regular on Facebook in May,2011 according to the research by UKOM/Nielson. Putting back Microsoft’s invention is not so easy, let me tell you!

Okay, so which website was used the most? No points in guessing please, off course it’s Google. So, what do you think, will a time come when Facebook will push back Google too? With more and more people searching their Facebook profiles and pages for suggestions do you think this day is far enough? Let’s just keep our eyes open and wait and watch! Do share your views with me on this.


[Poster] Mark Zuckerberg gets featured on MAD magazine cover!

There are two things that takes a person to become part of American folklore in modern times. One would be to have hollywood find your life interesting enough to make a movie on it, and the other thing would be to get featured on Mad Magazine’s cover.

Zuckerberg is can now boast of both things. Social Network made his life story exciting and Mad magazine’s latest version is features him on its cover.



What are your views? Is Mark Zuckerberg reaching the heights among tech personalities that were only the domain of the likes of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates? Do drop in your views.

Credit: TechCrunch


Facebook Reveals The Most Popular Time For Breakups

Have you ever given a thought on what all Facebook can tell you ? Well, the number of time a person stays online, the way he shares his information tells a lot about the user. Just for instance have a look at how Facebook reveals the time for breakups.

According to data pulled from Facebook, December is one of the most popular months to break up.


Mathias Mikkelsen posted the chart below, which he picked up from a TED talk by David McCandless. As you can see people break up least in summer seasons. They break up most on festive seasons like December.

What could be the reason ? Well as far as I think, people get over excited with their relationships when the new year is approaching. With new year resolutions many wish for a new and better relationship. One more reason I could think of is, people are on holidays so they think about it a lot and when they are busy working they don’t care so much.

What do you think ? Do share your thoughts with me.


South Carolina Considers Banning Social Media Behind Bars

Should prisoners be allowed to tweet, update their status messages or search their space ? One South Carolina state lawmaker says, absolutely not, and he is trying to make it punishable by law if they are caught using social media sites.

Inmates are accessing social networking sites from inside the prison using their smartphones which are smuggled inside the prison walls. Prisoners do not update their status or videos but some use it for threatening their victims through messages or stalking them.

The bill to stop social networking for prisoners would add 30 days to a prisoner’s sentence and require them to pay a $500 fine if they are caught posting on social networking sites. Well, I don’t understand why aren’t they trying to stop the illegal supply of smart phones inside the prison? If they do not get any phone they wont threat any one!

Let’s see if this bill passes and something is done! What is your view on this ? Share it with me here.


More than 50% Americans are on Facebook

Nowadays almost everyone has Facebook. According to a new study by Edison Research, more than half of Americans have profiles on the social-networking site.

This is Edison’s 19th study on digital media-related topics. Edison has tracked the growth of Facebook since 2008 and says the site was only used by 8 percent of Americans of the same age just three years ago.

Edison Research polled 2,020 people ages 12 and up to reach its conclusions. Since 2008, Facebook usage has increased, especially among people 35-years-old and up, the study says. There are many children on Facebook too and Facebook tries it’s best to remove such profiles. Facebook deletes 20,000 profile pages everyday(Source).

What do you think ? Share your view with me here.


What do you think of Facebook Books & Stationary

Facebook’s popularity is undeniable. I came across this funny image online so thought of sharing with you all.

Wow, sort of funny ! Well now everything is so much related to Facebook. I don’t think that keeping this name may increase the sale. But, some do think that this may be good.

What do you think ? Share your view with me.


New App to Delete drunken messages on Facebook and Twitter

What’s one thing you are afraid of after a fun-filled weekend ? Yes, your drunk updates, comments and tweets. There is a new app introduced in iPhone market which deletes messages on Facebook and Twitter that were put out when one was in a drunk state.

The new iPhone application – called ‘Last Night Never Happened’ – is such an application that deletes all embarrassing social network updates. It can be  bought for 1.19 pounds. It can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store.

This is a nice application simple to use. You just have to enter the time you are starting to drink. This app will delete all the posts starting from that time on Facebook and twitter.

This application can be a life saver for many. But, even if you are okay after drinking your tweets may get deleted any how. Well, you can decide if you are going to get drunk login to the application else do not. What do you think ? Share your view with me on this.


Mark Zuckerberg no Longer Single !

Interesting right ? Mark Zuckerberg changed his status from being single to ‘in a relationship’.


As reported, Facebook’s CEO has been dating his girlfriend Priscilla Chan since college but it was only this week that he made it clear for the world that he is in a relationship. 🙂

What could be the reason of delaying this ? It is slight surprising when Facebook’s creator himself is not so active on Facebook. By now people are so much into Facebook. Every person instead of asking the phone number asks for the Facebook ID. Share your view with me.